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How to Hire Apartment Movers

Posted: June 21, 2022
Apartment movers loading bicycle into a U-Box storage container.

You’ve looked at your budget, and you’ve decided you would like to hire some movers to help you move out of your apartment and into a new one. At the same time, you don’t want to use all your moving budget on labor. 

Make your apartment move more affordable when you only pay for the help you need. With Moving Help®, you can hire movers by the hour to help you move into your new apartment. Most studio or one-bedroom apartment moves can be completed in two hours with two helpers if your locations are within a reasonable distance from each other. 

What Should I Consider When Hiring Apartment Movers?

Whether you need help when moving from your current apartment to another apartment or from your apartment to a house, the Moving Help Marketplace has you covered. You’ll find many Service Providers on our Marketplace that’ll fit your budget and needs. When looking for apartment movers, keep these factors in mind: 

  • Read the reviews. 
  • Research your options. 
  • Know your budget. 
  • Are you packing? If not, does the Service Provider offer a Packing Service? 
  • Figure out all the services you need. 
  • Do you want your residential movers to have Safeload insurance? 

The nice part about the Moving Help Marketplace is it offers instant quotes. The price you see is the price you pay. You won’t have unexpected fees such as travel fees, gas fees, or stair fees. 

Why Should I Hire Apartment Movers From Moving Help?

The Moving Help Marketplace has helped move millions of customers. Additionally, customers get their individual six-digit Payment Code. You hold onto the Payment Code until you’re satisfied with the work from your Service Providers. If you’re not satisfied with your residential movers’ work, you don’t release the Payment Code to them. 

You also get to control the number of hours and the number of helpers you hire. If you’re in the middle of your move, and you and your residential movers realize you’ll need more time to complete your move, you can add more hours through your customer account. Another option is your Moving Help Service Provider can request additional hours through their account, which you would then approve. 

What Else Should I Keep in Mind? 

The more prepared you are for your residential movers the faster and quicker they can get the job done. You should’ve already decided whether you’re doing the packing or whether your apartment movers are doing the packing. If you’re doing the packing, make sure you’re done before your movers arrive on moving day. 

You also should have your boxes labeled. This will help you know what items are inside of each box, and it’ll help the apartment movers know where to place your boxes. Be sure to label your fragile boxes, that way your movers can make sure they’re loaded, unloaded, and carried carefully. 

Finally, you should take this opportunity to declutter your belongings. This way when you hire apartment movers, you aren’t paying them to pack, load, and unload items you no longer want. 

Make Your Next Apartment Move a Breeze

It’s inevitable people will move from apartment to apartment or from an apartment to a house. What doesn’t have to be inevitable is finding reputable apartment movers or residential movers that’ll move you at a price that fits your budget. The Moving Help Marketplace is a great place to find your next apartment movers.