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Can I Hire College Movers for My Dorm?

Posted: May 27, 2022
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By using college movers from Moving Help®, you get the convenience of a great service that’s within your budget. This will help make the days leading up to your move in or move out day easier, especially if you are already dealing with dead week and finals week. 

College is a wonderful time for most students. It’s a chance to explore new places, make lifelong friends, try new experiences, and learn more about yourself. 

One college experience that hasn’t changed much is the dreaded move-in and move-out experience of dorm rooms. It’s usually not fun, and while your parents are trying to help you move, everyone else on your floor is trying to move in or move out as well. 

Can I Afford Moving Help College Movers?

Yes, Moving Help makes it easy and affordable to hire college movers. The Moving Help Marketplace has many dorm room movers with a wide variety of price ranges that’ll fit your budget. Depending on the college movers you select, they may also offer additional services. 

Let’s say you need help packing, loading, and unloading your belongings. The Moving Help Marketplace has dorm room movers for you. What if you don’t want to do the loading and unloading part of moving, but you have the time to pack everything. No problem, you will be able to customize your reservation to only include the services you need. 

How Can I Make My Move Smoother?

As the college year progressed, you’ve probably snagged so much free gear handed during orientation or on-campus events. You also have collected and bought other items along the way to make your college experience better. 

Now is the time to declutter everything. You shouldn’t pack anything with you that you’ll never use again. The fewer items you own, the less time it’ll take to pack all your belongings. You should sell, donate, or recycle anything you don’t want to keep with you. This will help keep the time down on how long you need to hire your college movers. 

Going to College in a Different State?

For students who might go to school in a different state and need an easier way to move in and out of dorms, check out our sister company College Boxes is a dorm room moving and storage solution that’s also powered by U-Haul. 

Pack up your belongings in the boxes provided by Collegeboxes and have them shipped to your university for you, or you choose to have Collegeboxes store them over summer or winter break.  

College Movers Save You Time and Money

Rather than trying to focus on packing up your items or trying to coordinate with your parents on when they should come out to help you move. You can focus on your college studies during dead week and finals week, leaving the heavy lifting to your dorm room movers. 

Whether you want Moving Help college movers to help you pack, load, and unload, or you just want the Moving Help college movers to help you load and unload, you’ll be able to save time and stay focused on your studies.