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College Storage for Summer

Posted: June 24, 2022
Two Collegeboxes employees move boxes for a customer's college storage for summer.

When moving to college, students and parents have to figure out what is the best way to move their child’s items to college. Even after parents are done moving in their child to college, they’ll have to figure out college summer storage when moving their child out once they’re done with the school year. 

Luckily, Collegeboxes can help you move quickly and efficiently, or you can keep your college summer storage belongings with Collegeboxes without breaking your budget. 

What Are Some Options to Store College Items During the Summer?

When preparing to move out of your dorm room or college apartment — whether returning home or studying abroad — you’ll need to find a college storage place to store your items. You can store your items at home, store your belongings at your friend’s home, ship your items home, or rent a storage unit for your belongings. 

None of these situations are ideal for college summer storage, and it’ll require you to be able to drive or fly with your belongings. The shipping option may not require you to drive or fly with your items, but it’ll cost plenty of money in shipping costs. 

The best option is to use college-oriented moving services, such as Collegeboxes. 

Why Should I Use Collegeboxes?

You should use Collegeboxes because the process is simple and easy. Collegeboxes also is powered by U-Haul. Below is a list of reasons as to why Collegeboxes is a great choice. 

  • Simple sign-up process 
  • You pack the boxes and then have Collegeboxes ship or store your items 
  • You can use Collegeboxes, U-Haul boxes, or your own boxes 
  • Order the Collegeboxes signature supply kit and have it delivered to you 
  • Each kit comes with five double wall boxes (24” X 16” X 18”), 10 label pouches, 5 zip ties, a roll of tape, and a marker 
  • No hidden fees 
  • No vehicles required 
  • If items need to be stored, they’ll be stored locally 

Another great part about using Collegeboxes is you choose when you’re ready to have the college boxes picked up or dropped off. 

Can Collegeboxes Ship My Items Internationally?

Yes, you can have Collegeboxes ship your college boxes internationally. If you go to, you can get a quote on how much international shipping will cost. 

What Else Makes Collegeboxes a Great Choice?

Collegeboxes will communicate with students and parents during the entire process. Collegeboxes has a customer service support team to help parents with college storage or to communicate to students about college summer storage questions. Once you’re done packing your college boxes, Collegeboxes can take care of the rest. 

Collegeboxes Makes College Storage for Summer Easy 

Finding and using reliable college storage or college summer storage can be difficult for parents and students. By using Collegeboxes, it’ll make the process of moving in and out of college easier. You can use Collegeboxes, U-Haul boxes, or your own boxes to pack up your belongings. 

Collegeboxes will help take care of the burden of moving everything without breaking your budget or needs.