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Simplify College Storage With Collegeboxes

Posted: August 28, 2023
A college student begins to pack her dorm room belongings into a Collegeboxes moving box.

College can be a stressful time for college students. Students are learning, growing, studying, and discovering themselves while in college. They don’t have much time when it comes to moving between semesters or heading back home during the summer.

That’s why using either Collegeboxes or U-Box® storage containers are great options for students, especially when they’re far from home.

Collegeboxes vs. U-Box Storage Containers

For Collegeboxes all you need to do is:

  • Sign up
  • Fill out your information
  • You can even buy boxes
  • Pack your belongings
  • Collegeboxes will pick them up and either store them or deliver them to your new location

Collegeboxes allows for an easy ordering experience as well.

Collegeboxes and U-Box storage containers can be a cost-effective option. For the U-Box containers, you only pay for what you use. An example would be you order two storage containers, but you only use one container, so you’re charged for one container.

This can help with unexpected moving costs. You can get upfront pricing, which helps you when creating a moving budget for your college students.

U-Box containers also provide several benefits to students such as:

  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Don’t have to drive a U-Haul truck rental
  • Moving Help® can load or unload your belongings
  • U-Haul or Moving Help can deliver and pick up storage containers

College students can get everything taken care of without lifting a single moving box.

If your student is leaving during the summer, and you can’t — or don’t — want to bring all their belongings home, you can choose U-Box storage containers or Collegeboxes. A storage container can stay at a U-Haul facility and then have it delivered when you’re ready to unload it. Collegeboxes can be shipped home or put into a storage unit for your belongings.

How College Students Can Utilize Collegeboxes and U-Box Containers

Moving to college isn’t always the easiest time. With U-Box containers or Collegeboxes, moving can be an easier time. You can get your teenagers’ belongings packed and organized before they drive — or fly — off to college.

You won’t have to worry about transporting items to the college campus. Collegeboxes will have someone deliver your boxes to your teenager’s dorm room or college apartment. 

Same with U-Box storage containers, you or your teenager won’t have to worry about driving their items to their new home. You can have local moving labor providers deliver the containers for you and then return them once you or your college moving labor Service Providers are done loading or unloading them.

A mother and a daughter sit down together to discuss which option is best for them between using Collegeboxes or U-Box storage containers.

You can utilize storage containers for textbooks, school supplies, and other work you might need to save during your college career, but you don’t need it with you every single day.

Space optimization is important for a college dorm room or a college apartment. Dorm rooms are small, and some college apartments aren’t much larger. You can use a U-Box container calculator to figure out how many you need for your space. Collegeboxes have kits that are great for college dorms.

When you’re transitioning between semesters, you might need to store your items during the summer break or winter break. Rather than having your teenager bring everything home, you can get it stored. If you need something during the summer or the winter, you can always get access to your belongings as well.

Effective Tips for Collegeboxes and U-Box Containers

If you use proper packing techniques, you can minimize how many boxes you’ll need for U-Box containers.

  • When using a storage container, you’ll want to stack in tiers to save space.

If you hire local Moving Helpers, they’ll know how to professionally pack your U-Box storage containers. They’ll make sure to load your belongings not only effectively but in a quick and safe manner as well.

Whether using Collegeboxes or storage containers, you’ll want to make sure you pack your items carefully. You should make sure to:

  • Keep an organized inventory system
  • Pack your boxes from heavy to light
  • Put heavy items such as books in smaller boxes to move them more easily
  • Clearly label each box for easy identification
  • Know what items went into which box
  • Stack boxes from heaviest at the bottom to least heavy at the top

When you keep an organized inventory system list, you’ll be able to find your items more quickly. Plus, you won’t have to worry about whether you lost an item or not.

Two Moving Help Service Providers prepare to load a college student’s moving boxes for delivery. Collegeboxes will store your items in a climate-control storage unit.

Security is always important when it comes to moving. Collegeboxes keep your items secured in a climate-controlled U-Haul storage unit. For U-Box containers, you must use your own padlock, which ensures you’re the only one with a key who can access your items.

These precautions will help keep you safe against theft or damage.

Collegeboxes and U-Box Storage Containers Are Great Choices

College students need convenience when it comes to their busy college lives. Collegeboxes or U-Box storage containers offer great benefits for college students, and they can be utilized for any kind of need during the school year or in-between semesters of college.

If you follow some of our tips and tricks for using storage containers or Collegeboxes effectively, you’ll be able to save space and keep your items secure.