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How to Add Moving Help® to My U-Box® Order

Posted: April 25, 2023
Two Moving Help movers help a customer by loading her belongings into her U-Box container.

U-Box® containers are an excellent resource when it comes to moving and storage. Rent as many portable storage containers as you need, keep them for as long as you need them, and store them right on your property. It’s an easy, secure, and convenient solution. 

But what happens when you need a helping hand with your U-Box storage containers after the fact? Even if you already have a U-Box order, it’s not too late to add Moving Help® to your order and transform your DIY move into a full-service move. Here’s how it works. 

Adding Moving Help to a U-Box Order in 4 Steps 

1. Go to 

2. Enter your U-Box® order number (found on your confirmation email) 

3. Select your U-Box Container service type 

4. Choose your service date and local movers 

It’s that simple to update your order and add help loading, unloading, or transporting your U-Box container from nearby professional movers. You also can add specialty services like piano moving and gun safe moving to ensure you receive the help you need with your move.

What If I Don’t Have a U-Box Order? 

If you don’t have a U-Box order, now’s the perfect time to make one. During the checkout process, you will be asked to choose a delivery option. If you’re looking for a near-full service moving company, choose either:  

  • Full Service Delivery & Load – A full service-style move where movers deliver your container, load it, pick up the container, and drop it off at your new space. 
  • Moving Help Delivery – Movers deliver your container to you and pick it up after it’s loaded. You can add loading services or load it yourself at your convenience.
Two Moving Help Service Providers bring a U-Box container to a customer’s home to help her load or unload her belongings. Afterward, they'll bring the container back to the U-Haul location.

Why Add Moving Help to My Order? 

Adding Moving Help to your U-Box order provides you with the best of both worlds — the control and low costs of a DIY move with the convenience and low stress of a full-service move

Adding Moving Help to your U-Box order also provides peace of mind that your belongings are handled using proper packing materials and techniques used by professionals.  

What is Full-Service Moving? 

A full-service move occurs when professional movers handle your move for you — from loading up your moving containers to transporting your containers elsewhere to unloading your containers at your new space. You don’t have to lift a finger. This contrasts with a do-it-yourself move, where you do your own loading, unloading, and transporting of your belongings. 

Ready to get started? Start a U-Box order today, or quickly add Moving Help to an existing U-Box order