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What Will a Full-Service Move Cost?

Posted: July 27, 2022
A loaded truck for a full-service move parked outside of a townhome.

While it’s true movers for a full-service moving company will do everything for you, it’s not always the cheapest or best option. Find out what you can expect to pay for a full-service move, as well as some helpful money-saving tips.

How Much Do Full-Service Movers Cost?

A full-service move on average will cost about $9,000, according to Check out some common factors affecting the price of a full-service move below, to help you figure out a more accurate estimate for your personal move.

Factors Affecting Cost 

These questions will help you narrow down how much each full-service move will cost you from each moving company that you want to use for your move. 

  • Are they a short-distance or long-distance company or both? 
  • Do they have insurance? 
  • Do you need additional insurance? 
  • Do they offer binding or non-binding quotes? 
  • Price will be by weight for long-distance moves, but price will be by time for short-distance moves. 
  • Will they just move your items, or will they share the space with other customers’ belongings? 
  • Do they offer to do a walk through of your home? (This is recommended.) 

Tips to Lower Cost

You can find ways to make your full-service move total cost cheaper by doing some of the tasks they can provide for you. Just because your movers are doing everything, you should still think about some of the following items: 

  • How much will you pack?
  • You should back-up files or make copies. 
  • Donate, sell, or get rid of unnecessary items. 
  • Label fragile items for your full-service movers. 
  • Keep children and pets out of the way. 
  • Keep your house decluttered when trying to move items to the truck. 
  • Will you or the movers disassemble and reassemble items? 
  • Will you offer water and snacks? 

These moving tips will expedite the process and time spent trying to move. A full-service move’s cost could end up cheaper if you can help cut down on the moving time. 

Can I Control the Cost of a Full-Service Move With U-Haul and Moving Help®?

Yes, you can control the cost of your full-service move when you use Moving Help and U-Haul. 

Between using Moving Help and U-Haul, you also get to be in complete control of your move. You can use Moving Help to load or unload into your truck, load or unload into your U-Box, help you pack, move specialty items, or clean your place. 

Maybe you don’t need help loading and unloading, but you need help packing. Movers on the Moving Help Marketplace can help you with that task. You might pack everything yourself and complete the disassembly and reassembly of furniture items, but you’ll have the Moving Help movers load and unload your items and move any specialty items you own. 

If you have a U-Box storage container, a Moving Help mover can deliver it to you and back to the U-Haul location. Even if you have a U-Haul truck, you can drive it yourself, but you’ll still have Moving Help movers to assist you along the way with other parts of your move. 

Moving Tips Can Help You With a Full-Service Move’s Cost

By following some of these moving tips, it can help guide you in figuring out how much your full-service move will cost you. How much do movers cost depends on a variety of factors even for a full-service moving company. With U-Haul and Moving Help, you’ll have more flexibility and control over several of those factors.