Miami can be seen on a beautiful, sunny afternoon with boats driving around on blue water along the coast.

Moving Company in Miami

If you want warm weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty of beachside activities to try out, Miami could be the place for you since the city has plenty of outdoor activities for everyone.

The Moving Help® Marketplace has moving labor who can help you settle into the city whether you’re new to Miami or a longtime resident. Moving Help has plenty of services to meet your needs and fit your budget.

What Is Moving Help?

Moving Help is an online Marketplace that connects customers to local labor-only movers. You can enter your address or the addresses of where you need help, and Moving Help will find Service Providers in your area. 

Moving Help has Service Providers who offer a variety of services for customers. These services include: 

For example, let’s say you need to move your upright piano or a grand piano. You can move your piano with a U-Haul truck rental. You’ll need some furniture pads, a furniture dolly, and several Moving Helpers to move a piano. 

How Much Does a Moving Company Cost in Miami?

You might think hiring a moving company in Miami might be unaffordable for you. With labor-only Service Providers, Moving Help has high-quality Service Providers with affordable prices. Check out the chart below to see how much two helpers for two hours in Miami will cost you.


3 Waterfront Restaurants to Enjoy

Miami certainly has many cuisines and restaurants to eat at throughout the city. One area in particular that Miami most certainly exceeds in is waterfront restaurants

From the list that the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau put together, we found three restaurants that would be fun to experience. 

1. Lido Bayside Grill 

The Lido Bayside Grill uses locally sourced seafood, which pairs well with the restaurant’s extensive views of the water. They serve food from breakfast all the way to dinner. Whether you’re sharing appetizers or eating a dinner entrée, you’ll find something on their menu that’ll satisfy your craving. 

2. The Rusty Pelican 

First, what a fun name is The Rusty Pelican — or at least we think it’s a unique name. The Rusty Pelican uses its incredible waterfront views along with a plantation-style building to set the mood for customers. Additionally, the interior decoration pairs well with the cuisine. You’ll find local, fresh seafood and steak that goes quite well with the rest of the restaurant’s menu

3. Boater’s Grill 

If you’re searching high and low for authentic Cuban cuisine to join Miami’s fresh seafood, look no further in the Boater’s Grill. The seafood, steak, fish, burgers, pasta, and everything else looks tasty on the Boater’s Grill’s menu

The nightlife of downtown Miami can be seen as the sun sets in Miami.

What Size of Boxes Do I Need When Packing?

And no, we don’t mean a box for the food that you’ll eat as leftovers from The Rusty Pelican. We mean the boxes you’ll need to pack your home. The answer will always be different because everyone can have a different move that requires a different number of moving boxes. 

One way to figure it out is to read our how many moving boxes do I need guide

Using U-Box Storage Containers to Move Internationally

Are you planning to live internationally in the short term or long term? Moving Help and U-Haul can help you when you use U-Box storage containers. 

U-Box storage containers can be shipped internationally whether it’s in Canada or elsewhere internationally such as Paris, France. 

Moving Help Service Providers can help load you in the United States. If you move to Canada, you can have moving labor from Moving Help unload your items as well. If you’re moving to another country, you’ll know when you unload your belongings that your labor-only movers protected and packed your belongings as best as possible. 

Read Moving Help Reviews in Miami

Moving Help has more than 2.5 million real, unedited reviews. When looking for a Moving Helper in the Miami area, you can find out how other customers’ experiences were with that company. 

A moving company might not have hundreds of reviews, but our labor-only Service Providers have hundreds to thousands of reviews. You can find Service Providers who offer a great price and customer experience that fits your budget. 

Look for a Miami Moving Company Near You

The Moving Help Marketplace has plenty of moving companies in Miami. All you must do is find movers that fit your needs and budget.

You can gather the boxes that you think you need and let the movers pack your belongings and then load them up into a truck along with your piano. You also can have a Service Provider pack your U-Box container before you move internationally.