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Moving to Another Country With U-Haul

Posted: June 23, 2022
A U-Haul employee carefully moves a U-Box container that'll be sent internationally.

More and more people are studying abroad or moving abroad for many reasons. Whether you’re moving to a new country full time or part time, it’ll take some serious planning on your part to prepare for such a big move. 

By using Moving Help® and U-Box storage containers, you can make your international move less stressful knowing that your items will be safe and protected. 

What Should I Do With My Items?

When trying to figure out how to move to another country, the first step is departing with your current items. You won’t need everything you own, and the more items you bring, the more expensive it’ll be to ship them. Maybe if you don’t love an item or can replace it at your destination, it’s time to sell it, gift it, donate it, recycle it, or throw it away. 

If you sell your items, such as your furniture, not only are you bringing fewer items with you, but you’ll also make some extra cash, which is important when you’re trying to save money. 

Perhaps you’re having a hard time departing with your items, have an unbiased friend to help keep you on track when going through your belongings. International moving will be easier with fewer items. 

How Does Using Moving Help Work With U-Box?

If you’re moving to Canada, Moving Help has movers in the United States and international movers in Canada. That means, you can have someone help you load your U-Box container in the United States, have U-Haul ship your items to Canada, and then have international movers in Canada unload your items. 

Moving Help and U-Box can still help with international moving even if you’re not moving to Canada. We can help you load up your U-Box container in the United States, and U-Box can ship your container to wherever you’re moving internationally. 

Moving Help and U-Box Can Go With You Anywhere

Why try to find multiple international movers to ship different items to your new country when you can use Moving Help and U-Box. It’s easy, convenient, and will save you time and money. Moving Help can help you load and unload your U-Box container in Canada. Even if you’re not moving to Canada, your U-Box container can be shipped anywhere internationally.