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U-Box® Container Tips

Posted: August 24, 2023
An older couple sits by a U-Box storage container as a Moving Helper in the background brings moving boxes on a dolly into the container.

While you know how to pack a U-Haul U-Box® storage container, you may wonder whether there are any U-Box container tips and tricks you should know about when using U-Box storage containers.

You’d be right and Moving Help® will provide you with some tips to keep in mind when packing a U-Box storage container.

Filling Gaps and Empty Spaces for U-Box Containers

It’s important to pack as tightly as possible with your U-Box storage container. You shouldn’t have any empty spaces or gaps. You can fill gaps with pillows, blankets, furniture legs, rugs, and leftover furniture pads.

The idea is the less space you have in your U-Box moving container, the less likely items will shift around when the U-Box container is getting moved around.

If this already sounds like too much work for you, you can hire labor for your U-Box storage container.

Using Furniture Pads and Mover’s Stretch Wrap

Each U-Box moving container comes with 24 (two dozen) furniture pads, and you should make use of all 24 furniture pads. Even if you don’t have enough belongings to wrap 24 furniture pads, furniture pads are a great way to fill gaps in your U-Box storage container.

After wrapping your furniture in furniture pads, you’ll want to wrap all furniture pads in mover’s stretch plastic wrap. This will help keep the furniture pads on your furniture and avoid any furniture pads from slipping off your furniture.

What Are Some Other Tips?

A nice tip to keep in mind when packing a U-Box container is you only pay for what you need. So, if you think you need five U-Box storage containers, but you end up using three U-Box moving containers, you only have to pay for the three U-Box storage containers.

You should pack heavier items, such as books, in smaller boxes. It’ll be easier to carry them, and your back will thank you later. Lighter belongings work better in larger boxes.

You should know what can’t go inside a U-Box container and what items that’ll fit in a U-Box container. You should keep in mind about your U-Box storage container delivery expectations as well. 

Why Use a Moving Help Service Provider?

The best tip Moving Help can give you is to hire a Moving Help moving labor provider from the Moving Help Marketplace. This is the best tip because a provider will make sure to unload or load your items in an efficient manner. You won’t have to worry or stress about having to fit everything into U-Box moving containers.

The process will be smooth, and you’ll pay your moving labor per U-Box container and not by the hour. Whether it takes eight hours to or four hours to pack your U-Box storage containers, you’ll know the help you received was paid for per box vs. per hour.

U-Box Container Tips Create a Smooth Moving Experience

When you follow our U-Box container tips, you’ll ensure a smoother, safer, and efficient moving experience. Some tips include:

  • Fill the spaces and gaps in your U-Box moving container 
  • Use your provided furniture pads 
  • Use mover’s plastic stretch wrap 
  • Stack lighter boxes onto heavier boxes 
  • Hire moving labor for your U-Box storage containers 

These tips and more will help you achieve a smooth moving experience with Moving Help.