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What Can’t Go in a U-Box Container?

Posted: September 16, 2022
Two coworkers pack up a U-Box container with extra office supplies.

While you can pack nearly all your belongings into a U-Box container, there are a few items you will want to consider leaving out. Some items aren’t allowed in a U-Box container such as fireworks. Other belongings such as fragile family heirlooms could go into a U-Box container, but it’s probably best if they didn’t. 

Movers from the Moving Help® Marketplace can efficiently pack a U-Box storage container to help prevent your items from receiving damage from possible load shift due to poor packing. 

Items That Can’t Go in a U-Box Container

Some items aren’t allowed at all to go inside your U-Box container. If you have any of the belongings listed below, make sure you keep them separate from your items going into your U-Box container. 

  • Food 
  • Plants 
  • Animals 
  • Liquids 
  • Fireworks 
  • Explosives 
  • Propane tanks 
  • Gasoline 
  • Torches 
  • Heaters 
  • Butane bottles 

If you’re ever unsure about a specific item, ask a U-Haul team member about whether your item should go into a U-Box container. 

Other Items to Avoid Packing

While you can put family heirlooms, expensive artwork, and personal documents into your U-Box container, you should consider arranging a different way to move them. If your belongings were to get accidentally damaged, it could be impossible to replace them. 

That’s not worth it. 

Check out the list below to make sure you’re not accidentally putting something into a U-Box container that should stay with you during your move. 

  • Deeds 
  • Passports 
  • Social Security Card 
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Important legal documents 
  • Family heirlooms 
  • Jewelry 
  • Watches 
  • Firearms 
  • Medication 
  • Artwork 
  • Antiques

What Can I Fit Into My U-Box Storage Containers? 

You can fit about 1 ½ rooms into a U-Box storage container, including a king mattress. U-Box containers are more compact than a truck, but you can fit a surprising amount. If you want to know how much more you can fit, read our guide. 

It’s best you know ahead of time how many U-Box containers you need. You also can read our U-Box storage container tips guide. If you move with storage containers, it can make your life easier. 

Why Should I Hire Movers to Load My U-Box Container? 

If you’ve never loaded a U-Box container before, it can be quite challenging to load one by yourself. You have to load it in tiers and make sure all the space is filled up as much as possible. Otherwise, load shift might occur causing damage to your belongings.

When you hire movers from the Moving Help Marketplace, you’ll find movers who are experts in loading a U-Box container. The movers will know how to load your U-Box, so it prevents load shift, and it avoids your items being damaged. 

If you’re unsure how Moving Help delivery works, check out our U-Box delivery expectations guide

Pack Your U-Box Container Correctly Today 

Now that you know what can’t go into a U-Box container and what shouldn’t go into a U-Box container, you’ll feel confident knowing what belongings you can include. 

Additionally, you can hire movers from the Moving Help Marketplace to load the U-Box for you, which will speed up the process.