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Stress-Free Unpacking: A Guide After Moving

Posted: August 15, 2023
Two parents take a break from unpacking by racing their children in moving boxes.

Unpacking can take a long time, especially without a plan. Moving Help® is here to give you a guide on how to unpack after moving. 

If it’s too much to handle, don’t worry about it because our Marketplace has many unpacking Service Providers ready to assist you. 

What You Should Unpack on Your First Day 

Depending on what time of day you move into your home, you might have much or not so much time to unpack for the rest of the day. Below are four tasks you’ll want to absolutely complete on your first day. 

1. Put together your beds and put linens on them 

2. Set up the basic toiletries in your bathroom 

3. Grab and put away some plates, bowls, and silverware 

4. Put away perishables 

These four tasks will help you set up for success with the rest of your unpacking tasks. 

What to Do Before Starting to Unpack 

Before you begin unpacking your moving boxes, you’ll need to complete a few more tasks. This will help make emptying your boxes easier. You should: 

  • Create a plan for which rooms you’ll work on first 
  • Clean your home 
  • Find your essentials bag/box 
  • Place large furniture in your home first 

Everyone is different, so what you consider your most important room might not be the most important room for someone else. Unless someone cleaned it perfectly before you move into your home, you’ll want to do a quick cleaning. 

You’ll want to find your essentials bag because it’ll have your important items along with any nails, screws, and tools needed to put together couches or sectional couches. It’ll be easier to unpack your moving boxes when you’ve placed your large furniture. 

How to Unpack Your Home Sample Plan 

We’ll give you a sample plan on how to unpack your home. It’s OK to differentiate from our plan to fit your move better.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is the most utilized space with typically the most boxes for a family. Even single people who enjoy cooking, baking, or both, might have many kitchen boxes. 

2. Bathroom

You’ll want to place your essentials and toiletries in the bathroom. Everyone will use the restroom. After a long day, you’ll want to take a nice, relaxing shower as well. You also will be able to find all your toiletries needed to make you feel refreshed. 

3. Bedroom

You’ll want to put together your bed first when working in this area. You can then place your linens and blankets on top of your bed. Nothing is worse than moving and unpacking and not having a comfortable, soft bed to lay on after a long day.

A couple begins unpacking their moving boxes while a dog walks around them.

4. Living Room

The living room will give you time to unwind and relax. Some families keep their children’s toys in the living room, so once you unpack them, it’ll keep your children entertained. If you’re a bookworm or a gamer, this is probably the room where you’ll put away those items. 

5. Dining Room

This is probably the least utilized space compared to the other four rooms listed above. Not all families eat in the dining room, and you won’t have holiday dinners with relatives every day. 

6. Other Spaces

Other rooms such as an office room, a game room, a den, a TV room, or a garage are important to set up but not as important as the other rooms listed above. Of course, this may change depending on your lifestyle. 

How Long Does It Take to Unpack Your Home 

If you’re already feeling unmotivated about your unpacking progress, don’t fret about it. First, everyone has different, busy schedules. Second, people work at different speeds to unpack. Third, it’s OK to complete it slowly. 

Here’s a fun stat for you. It takes Americans almost six months to unpack, according to a study. 

“According to a recent survey it takes Americans an astounding 182 days on average to unpack their last box after moving to a new house. And that’s just the AVERAGE. It can take much longer — or shorter — depending on how you go about it.”

Story House Real Estate

6 Moving Tips 

1. Work a little bit at a time (For example, 15 minutes working, 5 minutes on break, repeat) 

2. Don’t work on another room before finishing your current room 

3. Work at your own pace 

4. Weekends (or your days off) will give you the whole day to work on unpacking 

5. Listening to music vs. watching TV in the background will be less distracting (Music can help you focus too, according to 

6. Schedule a future housewarming party so your home must be in order 

Hire Moving Help for Unpacking 

The Moving Help Marketplace has local moving labor providers who offer unpacking services. Leave the unpacking to professionals who will get it done quickly and efficiently. 

You can hire labor-only movers to unload your home and then they can unpack your belongings. 

It’ll be safe, easy, reliable, and timesaving when you hire labor-only movers to complete the emptying of moving boxes for you. 

Unpack at Your Own Pace 

It’s OK to take your time unpacking your home. You don’t need to have everything unpacked in the first seven days of living in your new home. You can make the process of getting rid of moving boxes go faster if you come up with a plan first. 

To save the most time, you can hire the best moving labor providers on our Marketplace to help you unpack.