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What Size Storage Container Do I Need?

Posted: August 7, 2023
A couple unloads a U-Box storage container into a pickup truck.

With our Moving Help® guidelines, you’ll be able to figure out what size storage container you need. Plus, whether you rent storage containers through U-Haul or not, you can still use the Moving Help Marketplace to help you with loading or unloading your storage container. 

Picking the Right Type of Storage Container

The first step is picking out the right type of storage container. Do you want a storage container that you can leave at your home? Do you want a storage container unit at an actual facility? Or do you want a storage container with the flexibility to keep it at your home but maybe eventually move it to a facility? 

You also want to find out whether a storage container can handle the weather elements in your area. It’s not going to be helpful when you put your belongings into a storage container only to have a rain storm the next day, which leaks into your storage container and ruining your items. 

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

After figuring out what type of storage container you want, you’ll need to decide on the storage unit sizes. That’s usually everyone’s first problem, which is what size storage unit do I need? Luckily, U-Haul can easily help you with those answers. 

If you want to use a storage unit at a U-Haul facility, you’ll have three options, which range from small, medium, and large. The sizes are 5 x 5 up to 5 x 10 for small storage units, 5 x 15 up to 10 x 15 for medium storage units, and 10 x 20 and up for large storage units. 

If you want a more portable option, U-Box storage containers are a great choice because you only pay for the U-Box storage containers you use. A U-Box storage container can fit a room to a room and a half of belongings. 

In fact, a U-Box storage container can fit a king mattress standing up. The U-Box storage container is 56 inches wide, 95 inches long and 83.5 inches high. It can hold up to 257 cubic feet and 2,000 pounds.  

It’s recommended you use U-Haul’s U-Box container calculator tool to help guide you on how many U-Box storage containers you’ll need to rent. Of course, keep in mind that these are estimates, so you may need a few more or a few less U-Box storage containers than what’s estimated for you depending on how many belongings you’re planning to store. 

What’s Security Like for Storage Containers?

Anyone will want to know that when they put their items into a storage container, they’ll be safe and protected. For U-Box containers, you provide your own lock and key. Therefore, only you have access to opening your U-Box storage container. 

For U-Haul storage unit facilities, U-Haul has state of the art security systems. U-Haul also has plenty of lighting throughout the facilities. 

Can I Still Use Moving Help Even If My Storage Container Isn’t With U-Haul?

You can still absolutely use Moving Help Service Providers even if your storage container isn’t with U-Haul. The Moving Help Marketplace has many Service Providers who’ve unloaded U-Haul type storage containers and non-U-Haul type storage containers. 

Our Service Providers can quickly and efficiently load or unload your storage container for you. Our most common service is a two man/two-hour load or unload service. 

By using U-Haul’s resources, you’ll feel confident knowing you got the right amount of storage container space at a great price. You’ll also have less stress loading or unloading your storage container when you use the Moving Help Marketplace to find the right Service Providers that’ll fit your budget and needs.