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What Should I Store in My Storage Shed?

Posted: September 9, 2022
An open storage shed sits in a wooded backyard.

You can store many outdoor items in your storage shed. Most of the belongings that can go into storage sheds involve working outside such as gardening equipment. Of course, you can store other belongings in a shed. Below is a list of items you might consider putting into your storage shed. 

  • Gardening tools 
  • Gardening equipment 
  • Gasoline 
  • Propane tanks 
  • Lawn tools 
  • Lawn equipment 
  • Power tools 

What Are Some More Items I Can Put in My Storage Shed? 

Here are some more items you can put into your storage sheds. These items can give you more space in your garage or basement. 

  • Outdoor sporting equipment 
  • Extra lawn/gardening supplies 
  • Outdoor decorations 
  • Bikes 
  • Camping equipment 
  • Wheelbarrows 

You’re better off finding a spot in your home for the following three items, but if you live in a mild climate and carefully prepare these three items for storage sheds, they can survive inside it. 

  • Clothing and bedding (You have to store them in airtight containers and consider getting moths repellent, so moths don’t destroy your clothes or bedding. You also don’t want mold or mildew growing on your bedding or clothes.) 
  • Skiing equipment (Skiing equipment should go in your home, but if you have a mild climate, put it in a skiing bag and wax the skies, it could potentially go in your storage shed.) 
  • Photos (Photos are better stored in your home, but if you put them in a waterproof container, they’ll have a much better chance surviving in your storage sheds.) 

What Should I Not Store in My Storage Shed? 

While you can put many items into your storage shed, not every belonging can go into storage sheds. The belongings listed below are items you should avoid putting into storage sheds.  

  • Food and drinks 
  • Instruments
  • Electronics 

Some items could survive in a storage shed, but with potential problems of moisture and humidity, it’s best to put those belongings in your home or in another controlled climate. 

  • Cardboard 
  • Paper 
  • Furniture 
  • Important legal documents  
  • Artwork 
  • Special collections 
  • Paints 
  • Glue 
  • Candles 

What to Think About With an Outdoor Storage Shed

You should think about a few factors when it comes to an outdoor storage shed. Your outdoor storage shed could face extreme temperatures, moisture, pests, and dirt/debris. 


If the climate you live in has extreme heat temperatures or extreme cold temperatures, this could change your mind on storing certain items in your outdoor storage shed. The extreme heat could melt your belongings, and the freezing cold could freeze your belongings. 


If you live in a climate where moisture is a problem, this could be problematic for your outdoor storage shed. If your outdoor storage shed already has moisture problems, this will only make the problems worse. A combination of humidity and moisture will have a higher chance of ruining your items. 


We store our belongings inside our home to keep away from pests and potential animals. When you have an outdoor storage shed, you increase your chances of having critters ruining your items. 


Finally, your outdoor storage shed will get dirty. You should make sure every now and then to clean your outdoor storage shed and clean off any potential dust or dead bugs that are on or near or your belongings. 

If you’re running out of your own storage shed screaming because it’s dirty, it’s probably time to give the outdoor storage shed a good cleaning along with your belongings. 

Store Your Items Confidently in Your Storage Shed 

Now that you know what can go into storage sheds, what can’t go into a storage shed, and what could go into a storage shed with careful packing, you can store items confidently in your storage shed. If where you live has a mild climate, you might be able to put more belongings into your outdoor storage shed. 

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