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How to File a Safeload Claim With Moving Help®

Posted: January 10, 2023
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While in an ideal world, every move would be completed with no problems. Sometimes though, mistakes happen, and your Moving Help® Service Provider accidentally damages your belongings. If you purchased Safeload coverage though, you can contact Repwest Insurance to file a Safeload claim. 

How Do I File a Safeload Claim?

You can file a Safeload claim by contacting Repwest Insurance. You can reach Repwest at 1-800-528-7134 with your job number (JB-) ready.  

What Is Safeload?

Safeload is a coverage option available to purchase when using a top-performing Moving Help Service Provider. Safeload has various coverage limits, so customers can find the right moving insurance coverage for them for their upcoming move.

You can check out some reasons as to why someone would get Safeload coverage. You also can decide whether you need moving insurance at all. 

What Can Help Me With My Safeload Claim?

One way to help your Safeload claim is to have documentation. It’s extremely important to document everything. You should have photographs of your belongings before your move, pictures of the load job itself, and pictures of your items after your move. 

This way, the pictures can show what was damaged after the move and what items already had preexisting damage. 

What Does Safeload Coverage Cover and Not Cover?

Safeload coverage specifically covers when a provider directly handles your belongings. Safeload coverage doesn’t include improper packing, or when items shift during a move when driving your items.

Who Pays out the Claim?

Any Safeload claims that are paid out are paid out by Repwest Insurance. If you file a Safeload claim and Repwest determines the Service Provider to be found at fault, Repwest will pay out the claim, not the Service Provider.  

Get Safeload Coverage to Protect Your Items 

Moving is stressful, especially when moving with many fragile or sentimental belongings. You can save yourself a piece of mind when you purchase Safeload coverage. 

Only certain Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace can offer Safeload coverage, so if that’s important to you, make sure you’re looking for Moving Help Service Providers who offer Safeload coverage. 

Hopefully, your move goes smoothly, but in case it doesn’t go smoothly, you’ll be glad you purchased Safeload coverage.