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Do I Need Moving Insurance?

Posted: June 24, 2022
Two movers wrapping an armoire with blankets and stretch wrap.

You’re nearly all packed up and getting ready for your move out date, but now you’re a bit more concerned about having someone else move your items. What if something breaks during the move because of the mover? Now’s the time to figure out if you need moving insurance.

Customers can take the stress out by using Safeload. Moving Help® Service Providers must meet certain criteria to be able to offer Safeload. If something goes wrong for customers, they can place a claim through Repwest Insurance

What Is Safeload?

Safeload is a coverage option available to purchase when using a top-performing Moving Help Service Provider. Safeload has various coverage limits, so customers can find the right moving insurance coverage for their upcoming move. 

How Does Safeload Benefit the Customer?

Safeload benefits the customer because it gives you additional coverage. You can choose what kind of coverage you want for your move. Additionally, rather than working out something directly with a Moving Help Service Provider, you can file a claim with Repwest Insurance. 

Where Is Safeload Available?

Safeload is offered in most U.S. states. Check out the Moving Help Marketplace to see whether Safeload is offered in your area. 

How Do I Know Whether My Service Provider Offers Safeload?

You’ll know whether your Service Provider offers Safeload by looking for the green icon and words that say Safeload Coverage Eligible. Customers also can use the sort and filter function by checking the Safeload coverage box to only see Moving Help Service Providers who offer Safeload moving insurance. 

How Do I File a Safeload Claim?

You can file a Safeload claim by contacting Repwest Insurance. You can reach Repwest Insurance at 1-800-528-7134 with your job number (JB-) ready. 

Use Safeload for Added Protection 

Customers can save time by hiring Moving Help Service Providers who offer Safeload. You won’t have to call other moving services to find out what moving insurance they offer just to call third-party moving insurance companies to protect your move. Save yourself some convenience by hiring a Safeload Service Provider on the Moving Help Marketplace today.