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How Much Do Office Moving Services Cost?

Posted: August 7, 2023
Boxes sit around an office as the employees prepare to pack their office.

Moving Help® may be known for residential moves, but Moving Help has many Service Providers who have experience with commercial moves. Check out our tips and see how much office moving services cost.

Businesses will sometimes need to find a new office space to help them grow or when they need to downsize. No matter what the reason is, it’ll take some planning to pull off your office move with the least amount of disruption to your business.

How Much Will Office Moving Services Cost?

The price on how much your office moving services cost will depend on a variety of factors. Some of those factors could include how much equipment to move, square footage of offices, packing, stairs, and the new office’s location. An office move can cost anywhere from $750 to $4,500.

Office moving services can be cheaper when you complete the packing yourself. Of course, you and your employees will have to find time to finish the packing. Either people will stay later to help pack office items, or you might have to close your business for a couple of days to solely focus on packing.

What’s nice about Moving Help is you can find a Service Provider that fits your budget. Do you have the budget for someone else to pack your office, and load and unload your office? Great, Moving Help has moving labor for you. Our moving labor is professional, faster, and less expensive compared to commercial movers.

Are you planning on packing your office equipment yourself but need the physical strength to help with loading and unloading your office equipment? Moving Help has Service Providers who can just provide the load and unload for you.

Moving Help has Service Providers who will fit your budget, which will help you in the long run.

How Can I Make My Move Less Disorganized for My Employees?

By using a Moving Help Service Provider for office moving services, it’ll make your employees’ lives easier. Since you can hire moving labor for packing services, and loading and unloading services, you can get your office move done in an efficient manner. 

Some employees will be happy about the move, and some employees will be unhappy about the move, but everyone will be happy when the move takes as little time as possible away from keeping them focused on their work. 

What Are Other Reasons Why I Should Use Moving Help for My Office Move?

Two reasons to choose Moving Help is convenience and time factor. If your company is closed on a certain day or has fewer people at the office on one or two days, you can choose a Moving Help Service Provider to do your office moving on those particular days of the week.

You also have the convenience of picking your time of day. Maybe no one is in the office in the morning, afternoon, or evening, so you can schedule your movers to show up during that timeframe to help your company’s move go as smoothly as possible.

These two main reasons are why people choose our moving labor over other commercial movers in their area.

Let Moving Help Move Your Office

Moving Help has many Service Providers who know how to properly pack unique or difficult items, and they also know how to load and unload items in an efficient manner.

Office moving isn’t easy, and it requires planning. With our moving labor teams who can offer multiple office moving services such as a packing service, and loading and unloading service, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your budget and needs rather than choosing commercial movers who might break your budget and needs.