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Why Should I Get Safeload Coverage?

Posted: December 27, 2022
Two Moving Helpers bring in boxes from a U-Box storage container from a customer who chose to get Safeload coverage.

Depending on which Service Provider you book for your move, you might have the option to get Safeload coverage. If you already know what Safeload coverage is, you might wonder why you need Safeload.

If every move went perfectly, no one would need a safety net with moving insurance. Safeload is a safety net in case something goes wrong during the loading or unloading process. 

Safeload Coverage Gives Extra Layer of Protection 

Despite everyone from the customer to the Service Provider wanting a perfectly easy, stressful-free move, accidents sometimes happen even with the best pros. Safeload coverage is a great way to get some added protection. 

You can get Safeload during the reservation process. To make it easier, you can sort and filter the Service Providers by only seeing Service Providers who offer Safeload. 

If you need to file a claim, you’ll contact Repwest Insurance and give them your job number (JB-). 

Best Service Providers Offer Safeload 

If you have some fragile items that you’re worried about a Moving Help® Service Provider loading or unloading, you may consider getting Safeload coverage. Safeload is only offered to top-performing Service Providers. 

Not every Service Provider on the Moving Help Marketplace can offer Safeload. Moving Help Service Providers must meet a specific high-performance criteria before they’re eligible to offer Safeload coverage.

By getting Safeload, you’ll feel confident knowing your items are covered and are in excellent hands on moving day. 

Safeload Works With Most Common Moving Help Service 

The most common service customers book on the Moving Help Marketplace is the loading or unloading service. That service pairs well with Safeload coverage because Safeload protects a customer’s belongings when a Service Provider is loading or unloading their items. 

With Safeload coverage, you’re covered under: 

  • Personal property (cargo) during the loading and unloading process 
  • Improper handling of personal property while being moved 

Safeload Is Affordable 

Sometimes people might not get coverage for something because it’s not affordable for them. Safeload coverage is affordable for everyone. 

For example, the lowest Safeload coverage cost is $4 for $500 worth of coverage. The highest Safeload coverage cost is $22 for $5,000 worth of coverage. You can check out other coverage amount options as well. 

Whether you have several belongings or one item that you’d like to get protected just in case anything goes wrong, Safeload can help you out. 

Get Safeload Coverage Today 

You never know when you might need an extra layer of protection. Safeload coverage is a great a way to keep your belongings protected along with knowing that the best Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace offer Safeload. 

Safeload is affordable, covers the handling of loading or unloading your property, and it’ll keep your mind at ease knowing you’re protected during the big moving day.