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Full-Service Moving Pros and Cons

Posted: August 28, 2023
A full-service moving truck drives along the road.

Figuring out what might be your full-service moving pros and cons will help you in determining what style of move best fits your move and budget.

Some people choose a traditional van line or a full-service moving company because they’d rather pay for a more expensive full-service moving option vs. doing the move themselves. People enjoy the convenience that comes with a traditional van line or a full-service mover.

A traditional van line or a full-service moving company have pros and cons to them, but when you use Moving Help® and U-Haul, you’ll get more flexibility vs. going with a traditional van line or a full-service moving company.

Pros of Traditional Van Lines and Full-Service Moves

The biggest benefit of choosing traditional van lines and full-service moving companies is they complete everything for the customers. Some will bring packing supplies with them, pack up your items, load your items, transport your items, unload your items, unpack your items, and properly dispose of any packing materials.

Traditional van lines and full-service moving companies also may offer partial or full disassembly and reassembly. While some may charge by the hours, most charge by weight.

Cons of Traditional Van Lines and Full-Service Move

While a traditional van line and a full-service moving company offer all the services previously mentioned, they may charge extra or have hidden fees. It may cost extra to pack, to unpack, or to deal with furniture assembly.

The price is more unpredictable and more expensive because if you end up having more items or your items are heavier than expected, you’ll pay more for having extra weight when it comes to full-service moving.

Your items will leave and arrive on their time, not your time. If a moving company is filling up a shipping container with your belongings and other people’s articles together, it could be a while before you get your items because some moving companies won’t ship your items until their container is full. Some companies might only ship your items, but you don’t have access to your objects from the point of them loading your items to unloading your belongings.

This full-service moving option doesn’t provide great flexibility, and it can make it difficult for customers to adjust by figuring out what they need while waiting on items they already own.

Why Is Using U-Haul and Moving Help Different?

Moving Help is powered by U-Haul. U-Haul is a trustworthy do-it-yourself moving company that has helped millions of people move. U-Haul offers many services customers can choose to move themselves, and Moving Help can help customers with some of the tasks they don’t want to deal with, such as packing.

You also know that the price you see is the price you’ll pay with no hidden fees or unexpected charges. U-Haul and Moving Help don’t charge by weight, so that’s another added benefit.

Finally, you have access to your items. If you accidentally packed an item in your U-Haul truck rental, you could go to your U-Haul truck rental and find it vs. waiting several days to get it.

Flexibility is important when it comes to moving, and Moving Help and U-Haul provide that flexibility for their customers.

How Can Moving Help Fit My Budget but Still Help Me?

Remember how a traditional van line or a full-service moving company does everything, but it’s expensive, and it’s certainly not the cheapest option? Well, Moving Help has moving labor providers who will fit your budget. Different Moving Help Service Providers offer different services as well.

Maybe you need help packing and loading and unloading, you can find a Moving Helper that fits your needs. Let’s say you need a piano moved and cleaning done after you’re done loading and unloading. Moving Help has Service Providers who can offer piano moving services, cleaning services, and loading and unloading moving services.

Customers can still do the move themselves, but they can pay someone else to do all the extra work they don’t want to complete. Customers also have the flexibility to decide which parts of the move they want providers to help them.

The best part is customers have many Moving Helpers to choose from on the Moving Help Marketplace, so you’ll find one that fits your needs but is still within your budget.

Why Do U-Haul’s U-Box Containers Work Well With Moving Help?

U-Haul has portable containers called U-Box storage containers. U-Box containers work great with Moving Help, and they add another level of control for customers. If customers need extra storage or want to ship their items, they can use U-Box containers.

Moving Help can assist customers using U-Box storage containers by delivering the U-Box containers to the customers, loading and unloading the U-Box storage containers for the customers, and returning the U-Box containers back to U-Haul.

The same Moving Help Service Providers also can offer cleaning services or piano moving services when delivering U-Box containers to the customers.

Moving Help Offers Instant Quotes

Another difference between Moving Help and traditional van lines and full-service moving companies is the ease of booking an order. Even if you’re just looking around, you can still get an instant quote for your move.

All you need to do is enter your addresses, the date, and the time of day before seeing the total price for services from different Service Providers.

With traditional van lines or full-service moving companies, you have to input more information just to get a quote. Additionally, traditional van lines or full-service moving companies may have hidden or unexpected fees that you weren’t prepared for during move-in day.

Moving Help and U-Haul Provide Control for Your Move

Why try to call multiple traditional van lines or full-service moving companies to get quotes, and then try to figure out whether you’ll have any hidden or unexpected fees?

U-Haul and Moving Help are your one-stop shops that allow you flexibility over a traditional van line or a full-service moving company. Plus, our ability to give you control over your move will give you the opportunity to get everything you need for your move without breaking your budget.