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Can I Have a Hands-off Experience Move?

Posted: August 28, 2023
A woman sits with her dog while Moving Helpers unload her items from a U-Box container during her hands-off experience move.

Whether you realize it or not, you can have a hands-off experience move with U-Haul and Moving Help®. You can combine several services where you don’t need to complete a DIY move or pay thousands of dollars for a full-service moving company.

Unlike traditional full-service moving companies, the best part of using Moving Help and U-Haul is you get full control of your hands-off experience move.

U-Haul Truck Rentals and U-Box Storage Containers

Let’s say you want to rent a truck, but you need help loading or unloading it. You can hire moving labor providers from the Moving Help Marketplace to complete the loading and unloading, which is like a full-service move.

Let’s say you don’t want to drive a truck. Let’s say you want U-Haul to do the transportation part of your move. The first step is deciding how many U-Box storage containers you need. You can have U-Haul drop off the U-Box storage containers at your home, and they’ll pick it up when you’re ready.

Better yet, you can hire Moving Helper to pick up your U-Box container, drop it off at your home, and return it to the U-Haul location.

Whether U-Haul or Moving Help drops off your portable containers, you can use Moving Help Service Providers to load or unload your U-Box containers for you.

What About Packing?

Most customers like the option where full-service movers come to their home and do the packing for them. That’s one of the more important benefits to them when hiring a full-service moving company.

Moving Help also gives you that option.

You can hire moving labor from the Moving Help Marketplace to do your packing. Whether you need help completing all your packing or just a little bit of packing left, our Service Providers have you covered.

Let’s say you want extra hands for a couple of hours, you can hire Moving Helpers to come to help you pack for two or more hours.

In general, for any traditional full-service moving company, the more prepared you are for a full-service move, the faster the move will get done. Packing from a full-service company will cost you more money, but that’s one of the pros and cons you should consider when it comes to using a full-service company.

What About Cost and Security?

The best part about a hands-off experience move is you get to choose where you want to spend your money when deciding when you want help or when you want to do it yourself. This will help you stay on track with your moving budget.

U-Box storage containers are great for security because you provide the lock for the U-Box storage container, and you keep the key.

Therefore, you only have access to your U-Box container because you’re the only one with the key. U-Haul facilities also have state-of-the-art security systems.

Have Your Own Hands-off Experience Move

With U-Haul and Moving Help, you get full control of your move. You also can find ways to save money and time when you choose a hands-off experience move vs. hiring a full-service company.

The Moving Help Marketplace has plenty of Service Providers who offer many moving labor services to help make your next hands-off experience move feel like a complete full-service move while sticking to your budget and needs.