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How to Prepare for a Full-Service Move

Posted: August 17, 2023
Two full-service movers begin to load a chair in preparation for a full-service move.

A full-service move means you’ll have full-service movers come to your house, pack your items, load your items, transport your items, and unload your items at your new home. Depending on the crew, they’ll also disassemble and reassemble furniture for you.

A full-service move will mean you’ll lose full control of your move, but you’ll have less to do when preparing to move. At Moving Help®, we offer an alternative to full-service movers, which is our moving labor. They can still assist you and even create a hands-off experience for you.

Just because a full-service team will do all the heavy lifting, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare at all. Find out what you need to prepare for ahead of time, so moving day goes smoothly.

What Should I Have Prepared Before My Movers Arrive?

The items listed below should be completed before your full-service movers arrive on moving day.

  • Create an itemized list of your possessions 
  • Take photos of ALL your items to prove its condition prior to moving 
  • Designate items you want to pack 
  • Think about your day-of bag and your pet’s day-of bag 
  • Important documents or personal items 
  • Downsize your belongings before packing 
  • Donate, sell, or throw away items you no longer use
  • Unplug, unhook, and empty appliances 
  • Prepare your home for moving day 
  • Remove doors, keep hallways clear, and move loose floorboards or carpet 
  • Figure out how to move flammable items 
  • Decide on whether to purchase additional moving insurance 
  • Keep pets and children out of the way 
  • Consider leaving a tip 
  • Consider handing out snacks and/or water 
  • Clear any wires and tape cords to the back of electronics 

What Are Disadvantages to a Full-Service Move?

When preparing to move, you’ll have to determine your moving budget. A full-service move will cost more money with all the services provided. A less expensive alternative is to complete the packing on your own and then hire a Moving Help Service Provider for loading and unloading.

You’ll also lose a level of control with a full-service move.

Someone else will oversee your items for the packing, loading, transportation, and unloading stages. Despite providing specific instructions, you might find it difficult to feel like you’re in control of the situation.

What Are the Advantages to a Full-Service Move?

The main advantages of a full-service move is it’ll save:

  • Time: You won’t have to spend numerous hours packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.
  • Effort: You can enjoy your move by focusing on other moving day tasks and conserve your effort toward other projects.
  • Energy: You won’t injure your back, need to direct friends and family to help you, and avoid the physical stress of moving.

Preparing to move can feel daunting, but a full-service move will simplify the process by handling every aspect of the move.

Anything Else I Should Keep in Mind?

  • Take photos: Taking photos is important during the move, especially if an item of yours is damaged. Because you took photos of your belongings prior to your mover arriving. You can show the before and after damage that the movers caused.
  • Back up electronic files: We live in a digital world where some of our most important items are digital only. Play it safe and back up your items ahead of time. If your computer breaks or won’t turn off after moving, you’ll be glad your files are stored on a cloud or external hard drive.
  • Use specific labels: You want to be actively writing on your moving boxes what the content is inside each box. For example, if you just write “Kitchen” on 15 kitchen moving boxes, it might be a while to search all 15 kitchen boxes before you find your favorite cup.

Full-Service Moves Save Time, But You Lose Control 

Full-service moves will save you time, energy, effort, but it’ll cost you more money. Not only is it expensive, but you lose control of being 100 percent in charge of your belongings. Preparing to move will always take some work, but if you know how to prepare for a move, it’ll help make moving day easier.

To strike a balance between saving costs and minimizing your workload, explore the option of affordable and reliable moving labor from the Moving Help Marketplace today. Moving Help can help you with your moving journey with confidence.