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How to Prepare for a Full-Service Move

Posted: June 19, 2022
Two movers begin to load items in preparation for a full-service move.

A full-service move means you’ll have movers come to your house, pack your items, load your items, transport your items, and unload your items at your new home. Depending on the movers you hire, they’ll also disassemble and reassemble furniture for you. You’ll lose control of being in charge of your move, but you’ll have less to do when preparing to move. 

Just because your movers will do all the heavy lifting, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare at all. You’ll want to know how to prepare for a move, so your full-service move goes smoothly. 

What Should I Have Prepared Before My Movers Arrive?

You’ll want several items done before your movers arrive on moving day. Below is a list of how to prepare for a full-service move. 

  • Make an itemized list of your entire inventory 
  • Take photos of all expensive items to prove condition prior to your full-service move 
  • Designate items you want to pack 
  • Think about your day-of bag and your pet’s day-of bag 
  • Important documents or personal items
  • Downsize your belongings before packing 
  • Donate or sell items you no longer use, want, or need
    • If you haven’t used your item in the last year, you won’t use it in the future 
    • It’ll cost more money to move items that you don’t use now to your new home 
  • Unplug, unhook, empty appliances 
  • Prepare your home for moving day
    • Remove doors, keep hallways clear, and move loose floorboards or carpet 
  • Figure out how you’ll move flammable items
    • Your mover can’t move anything flammable 
  • Purchase additional insurance
    • See what insurance your movers offer and consider buying more insurance 
  • Keep pets and children out of the way
    • If possible, have them stay somewhere else during the move or in a quiet room where no movers will enter 
  • Consider leaving a tip 
  • Consider leaving out snacks and water 
  • Clear any wires out of the way
    • Tape cords to the back of electronics 

This isn’t an exhaustive list on how to prepare for a move, but it’ll get you started for your full-service move. 

What Are Disadvantages to a Full-Service Move?

When preparing to move, you’ll have to decide how much funds you have for your moving budget. With everything included in a full-service move, it’ll cost more money, and it’ll be more expensive than if you take care of the packing and just hiring a Moving Help® Service Provider for a load and unload service. 

You’ll also lose a level of control. Someone else will be in charge of your items from the packing to the loading, to the transportation, to the unloading process. Even if you give specific instructions for every step of the way, it’ll be difficult to feel like you are in control of the full-service move. 

What Are the Advantages to a Full-Service Move?

The main advantage of a full-service move is it’ll save you time, effort, and energy. Preparing to move can be a daunting or overwhelming task, but a full-service move will make it easier by taking care of everything for you. 

Anything Else I Should Keep in Mind for a Full-Service Move?

You’ll want to take photos throughout the day, especially if something is damaged during the move. You’ll also want to make sure you have all electronic files backed up. Finally, you’ll want to label items if possible because otherwise you’ll search multiple boxes just to find your favorite cup. 

Full-Service Moves Save Time, But You Lose Control 

Full-service moves will save you time and energy, but it’ll cost you more money. Not only is it expensive, but you lose control of being 100 percent in charge of your belongings. Preparing to move will always take some work, but if you know how to prepare for a move, it’ll help make moving day easier.