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Packing for a Full-Service Move

Posted: August 21, 2023
A person begins packing tennis shoes into a moving box with other clothing items. A full-service move can involve your moving company packing for you, or you can pack your items yourself.

A full-service move will usually involve a packing service, but you should always ask your full-service moving company whether they offer packing services. Once you find out whether they offer packing services, make sure you follow up to find out if it’s included in your quote or whether it needs to be added to your quote.

Moving Help® doesn’t have full-service movers, but instead the Moving Help Marketplace uses moving labor providers. Some of our moving labor Service Providers still offer packing services for customers.

How Much Does a Full-Service Moving Company Pack?

A full-service moving company can pack everything in your home. A packing service option is expensive, and you’ll pay for the packing service by the hour. If you have a one-bedroom apartment, it’ll be less expensive to have everything packed vs. a four-bedroom house.

You also may have the choice of a partial packing service. Some customers might pick this option to save money and to pack the easy items. Then, they’ll have their full-service moving company pack the fragile and breakable items.

This way, the customer saves some money on packing, but they also don’t have to pack everything themselves in their home.

Can I Pack Everything Myself or Certain Rooms?

Yes, you can pack everything yourself or pack certain rooms in your home. You’ll want to inform your full-service moving company that you plan to pack everything or certain rooms. You can let your moving company know when they do a walk through your home.

If you pack everything yourself, it’ll help your moving day go by faster because the full-service move will start out with loading everything into their truck vs. packing your belongings and then loading it into their truck. This packing tip can be helpful because it could potentially save you money if the full-service move just needs to have the boxes loaded.

Some people would rather save some money and pack themselves. Whereas some people find their time more valuable than the cost of not packing themselves. You’ll have to decide on your personal preference when it comes to packing.

Having a Moving Company Pack vs. Packing Yourself

Like anything, you’ll have some pros and cons with having a moving company pack everything for you during the full-service move vs. packing everything yourself. 

Moving Company Pros and Cons for Packing 

  • One pro of having a full-service moving company pack for you is they’ll use the supplies you purchased. Be prepared for your movers by having all your moving boxes, packing tape, and markers purchased prior to their arrival.
  • Another pro for a moving company to pack for you is they’ll take away your moving boxes after unloading everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about disposing of the moving boxes properly. 
  • A final pro for a moving company to pack for you is they’ll have trained employees who know how to pack for a move. 
  • A con for a moving company to pack for you is it’ll be expensive. 
  • Another con for a moving company to pack for you is it’ll take longer to complete your move. 
  • A final con for a moving company is they can still accidentally break your items while packing. 

Pros and Cons of Packing Yourself

  • A pro of packing yourself is it’ll save you money. 
  • Another pro of packing yourself is you can have friends and family members help you pack.
  • A final pro of packing yourself is you can label your boxes, write fragile and arrows on the appropriate boxes, and make sure all boxes are labeled properly for which room they belong in your new home. 
  • A con of packing yourself is you, your friends, or your family members might be inexperienced packers, and this could cause items to break. 
  • Another con of packing yourself is you might overpack boxes and make boxes too heavy to load or safely hold your belongings. 
  • A final con of packing yourself is you might rush packing your items, which could cause items to break. 

Even if you decide the moving company can pack for you during your full-service move, or you’re going to pack yourself, you should always declutter your home. You need to go through everything in your home, and if you don’t use it now, sell it, donate it, or throw it away. 

It’ll cost you money and time if you pack belongings that you don’t want or need anymore. 

Full-Service Moves Involve Packing 

You should always check whether packing is included or is an add-on service during your full-service move. Afterward, you’ll need to decide whether you want the moving company to pack everything, partially pack everything, or if you’re going to pack everything yourself. You’ll have some pros and cons with the moving company packing or packing your belongings yourself.

If you want to pack yourself, you can read our how to get started packing article to learn more about packing. If you want to save money, time, energy and still have a safe, reliable, and convenient packing or unpacking service, consider hiring a Service Provider from the Moving Help Marketplace.