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How Do You Move an Entire Office?

Posted: June 19, 2022
A woman sits at her desk before the entire office prepares for an upcoming move.

Whether you’re expanding or downsizing your office space, it takes plenty of time and effort to get organized for an office move. You have to coordinate with your employees, clients, office movers, utilities, and possibly landlords when leaving your current office space and entering your new office space. 

With our Moving Help® guidelines and many Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace who are office movers or can offer office moving services, it doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. 

What Should I Keep in Mind for an Office Move?

You’ll want to start as early as possible when it comes to office moving. It’ll take time to plan, organize, and execute your mission of a smooth transition to a new office space. Below is a list of items to keep in mind during your office move. 

  • Start planning early
    • You can never start too early to plan an office move 
  • Appoint a move manager
    • It can be the office administrator, but it’ll need to be someone who can oversee all the move’s details 
  • Set a budget
    • Within that budget there should be a section for unexpected costs
      • Even if you don’t have unexpected costs, you can spend that money elsewhere. If you do have unexpected costs, you’ll be thankful you set some money aside
  • Talk to your employees
    • Explain to them why you’re transitioning to a new place 
    • Keep them in the loop on any moving updates 
    • Ask for their input on what they’d like to have in their new office 
  • Inventory your items
    • It’ll help you keep track of what you own, and it’ll help you decide whether to get rid of some items 
  • Find office movers to help
    • You’ll need help and luckily Moving Help has many Service Providers who can provide office moving services 
  • Gather packing supplies
    • It’ll always be easier to return packing supplies vs. scrambling at the last minute to find packing supplies 
  • Have the staff pack up their own desk and personal items 
  • Label boxes carefully, and if necessary, color coordinate boxes 

What Else Should I Keep in Mind?

Not only should you keep in mind the previous list, but the list below is some more items to think about when making your office moving experience smooth. 

  • Check current lease, notify landlord, and get new building rules 
  • Make sure you follow all the necessary rules when leaving one building and moving into a new building, especially if your company doesn’t own the building 
  • Update address change 
  • Notify clients, update letterheads, business cards, and anything else with your address on it 
  • Make sure your furniture and appliances fit into your new office’s space
  • Transfer utilities
    • Phones, internet, water, gas, cable, or electric utilities are important to remember 
  • Figure out access cards, parking passes, and other keys
    • You’ll want to have all the keys ready to go to the new place and return the keys to the old place 
  • Celebrate your office move
    • Budget out some money to celebrate with your employees on your office moving day being completed 

How Can Moving Help Assist With My Office Move?

Moving Help has Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace who can offer office moving services. Even though most Service Providers offer services for residential moves, the same services can be applied toward office moving. 

If you need office movers to help you load or unload your office space, Moving Help Service Providers can help you. If you need office movers who can help you clean your new and old place, Moving Help Service Providers can help you with their cleaning services. 

So rather than trying to figure out who can offer office moving services, you can find a Moving Help Service Provider on the Marketplace who can help you today.