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Planning an Office Move: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Posted: August 4, 2023
A woman sits at her desk before the entire office prepares for an upcoming move.

Whether you’re expanding or downsizing your office space, it takes plenty of time and effort when planning an office move. You’ll need to coordinate with your employees, clients, office movers, utilities, and landlords when leaving your current office space and entering your new space. 

Many Service Providers on the Moving Help® Marketplace offer office moving services. While some office movers can be expensive, our moving labor offers affordable, competitive prices. With our Moving Help guideline, your office move can be a pleasant experience. 

10 Tips for Planning an Office Move

You’ll want to start as early as possible when it comes to office moving. It’ll take time to plan, organize, and execute your mission of a smooth transition to a new office space.

1. Start planning early because you can never start too early for your upcoming move.

2. Appoint a move manager to oversee everything.

3. Create a budget and stick to it.

4. Talk to your employees, clients, utilities, and landlords about your move.

5. Start an inventory list and keep track of your items.

6. Find officer movers to help you. Rather than trying to find help on your own, find reliable moving labor on the Moving Help Marketplace.

7. Gather packing supplies for everything you’ll need. It’s always best to have too many supplies than not enough supplies.

8. Have the staff pack their own desk and personal items.

9. Label boxes carefully, and if necessary, color coordinate boxes.

10. Confirm any last-minute details and moving plans with your Moving Helper.

8 Tips on a Smoother Office Moving Experience

Everyone wants a stress-free move whether it’s a residential or office move. These additional eight tips will help keep you on track for your move. 

1. Check current lease, notify landlord, and understand new building rules.

2. Make sure you follow all the necessary rules when leaving one building and moving into a new building, especially if your company doesn’t own the building.

3. Don’t fall behind on your packing schedule. If you fall behind, hire Moving Helpers to help you pack. Our helpers are better packers and more affordable compared to other office movers. 

4. Update address change on letterheads, business cards, and anything else with your address on it. 

5. Measure your furniture and appliances to make sure they fit into your new space. 

6. Transfer utilities for your phones, internet, water, gas, cable, or electric. 

7. Collect and keep track of access cards, parking passes, and other keys. 

8. After you’re finished moving, celebrate your office move. 

Need Additional Office Help?

We have additional resources that can help you succeed with your office move. 

Planning an Office Move With Moving Help Today

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