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How Long Does an Office Move Take?

Posted: August 15, 2023
A group of employees talks about how the company will move the entire office.

Everyone knows how much effort and planning it takes to move to a new home, but it takes even more time and effort to move your office. When you move your business to a new office, the office moving process requires you to make sure you have thought of everything. 

This way, your first day in your new space is easier for you and your employees. 

Office moving isn’t easy to do on your own, and you’ll probably require relocation services. With our Moving Help® guide, you can keep in mind some of the larger points to check off your list, and you can hire Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace for your office relocation.

How Long Will It Take to Move Your Office?

On average, it can take anywhere from one month to one year to move to your new office. Below is a list of factors that could make your office moving experience longer or shorter.

  • Finding a new place
  • Touring places (either to purchase or lease)
  • Negotiating the price of the new office
  • The distance between both locations
  • Moving IT equipment
  • Carefully packing paper files
  • Number of files you have to backup digitally
  • Designing the new office space layout
  • Buying new furniture and other decorative items
  • Setting up your internet and utilities

What Are Some Other Factors to Consider?

Below is a list of some other moving factors that you need to think about when executing your office moving plan.

  • Creating and sticking to a budget for office moving services
  • Who will be in charge overall of overseeing the moving process and which team members will be a part of the office moving committee  
  • Try to avoid moving during the summer months
  • Move sometime between Monday through Thursday
  • Try moving during non-business hours
  • How many employees are you moving to the new location
  • Book office relocation services in advance
  • How much packing will your office complete
  • Every day your business is closed is lost revenue and ROI opportunities
  • Creating an office relocation checklist

How Early Should I Begin My Office Moving Plan?

You should start as early as possible when it comes to planning your office move. You’ll want to book office relocation services that your company wants in advance. Movers’ schedules can book up quickly so make sure you get on their calendar as early as possible. 

Finding a new office space and negotiating the contract on the office lease can take some time. You don’t want to sign a contract for an office lease and leave yourself little time to move properly. 

While you can never plan too early for an office move, make sure you tell your employees when it’s going to happen at the right time. You don’t want to tell your employees too soon — if the move doesn’t end up happening on the scheduled date. You also don’t want to tell them too late — no one has time to prepare for their individual moving tasks.

Why Should I Move During Non-Business Hours?

If possible, you should try to implement your office moving plan when no one is working. If you have employees working every day, you have two choices. The first choice is to begin your office moving when the lowest number of employees are working that day. The second choice is to move during non-business hours. 

Every day you’re closed trying to move your office is a day lost in earning revenue and your office’s ROI, so by making sure you have a good office moving timeline, you can avoid these pitfalls. 

If you have office items in a storage unit, professional moving labor companies from Moving Help can load items from your storage unit. If you’re moving specialty items like a piano, make sure your local Service Provider offers piano moving services.

Office Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult 

Your office moving plan can go smoother if you follow Moving Help’s guide when thinking about the larger points when it comes to office moving. By hiring Service Providers from the Moving Help Marketplace, you can find reliable moving labor that won’t break your office moving budget or needs.