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How to Move a Gun Safe

Posted: August 14, 2023
A person opens a gun safe with their keys.

When preparing on how to move a gun safe, it’s recommended to use a gun safe moving labor company. Moving Help® has plenty of companies that offer labor-only gun safe moving services on the Marketplace who can fit your needs and budget. If you still want to move your gun safe by yourself, Moving Help can give you some safety tips to keep in mind.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You’ll need plenty of equipment to safely move your gun safe. Below is a list of some equipment you’ll need to consider renting or purchasing. 

  • Moving pads or moving blankets 
  • Appliance dolly 
  • Forearm forklift
  • Toolkit 
  • Stretch wrap 
  • Cardboard boxes (to protect your floors or walls) 
  • Work gloves 
  • Closed-toe shoes 
  • Ratchet straps 

Some people might need more or fewer items than what’s on this list, but these are the basics you need to consider when moving a gun safe. Additionally, you’ll want three or four people to help out. 

Do I Need to Preplan a Walking Path?

Yes, you’ll need to preplan your route to figure out the best way to move your gun safe. You’ll need to decide whether you have any narrow hallways or corners that might present a challenge. You’ll also need to measure your doorways and compare it to the size of your gun safe to make sure your gun safe will fit through it. 

If you have to go up or down stairs, you’ll want to make sure your stairs can hold the weight of your gun safe and the weight of everyone helping you. Gun safes are very heavy and tend to be bulky, so always keep that in mind when moving them. 

Should I Use Golf Balls or PVC Pipes?

No, you shouldn’t use golf balls or PVC pipes to help move your gun safe. Despite what you’ve heard, neither is a viable option. Golf balls will create dents or scratches on your floors. Golf balls also can get stuck in carpet, which will make it difficult for you to execute your move properly.

While PVC pipes can handle a gun safe’s weight better than golf balls, you can still run the risk of the PVC pipes ruining your floors. The last concern you want when moving your gun safe is damaging your floors because you tried to move your gun safe by yourself.

Why should I use Moving Help to move my gun safe?

You should use Moving Help to move your gun safe because the Moving Help Marketplace has many affordable and experienced gun safe moving labor companies. 

A labor-only safe moving company will understand the logistics to move a gun safely. They also will have the experience needed to move a gun safe in a timely manner. 

No one would want to buy a new a gun safe and immediately damaging it during a move. 

Moving a Gun Safe Is One of Many Specialty Items Moving Help Can Assist You

Whether you’re looking for a Moving Help Service Provider to move your gun safe or not, Moving Help can move many other heavy items. After looking to see who to hire, you can ask them to move a piano, a washer and dryer, and more specialty items. 

Let Moving Help Move Your Gun Safe

Why deal with the hassle of moving your gun safe and potentially injuring yourself, others, or your home? You can hire Moving Help‘s labor-only safe moving companies who will fit your budget and needs when moving your gun safe.