The Chicago skyline is seen with the Willis Tower standing among the tall buildings.

Moving Companies Near Me in Chicago

It isn’t always straightforward to find reliable and affordable moving companies near you in Chicago. Moving Help can assist you with this problem by finding reliable and affordable moving companies near you with our Moving Help Marketplace. 

Moving Services Available With Moving Help 

Moving Help has moving companies in Chicago who offer more than just loading services and unloading services. 

Moving companies in Chicago also offer: 

  • Packing services 
  • Unpacking services 
  • Piano moving services 
  • Gun safe moving services 
  • Safeload moving services 
  • Cleaning services 
  • U-Box storage container services (delivery and load and unload, delivery only, load and unload only). 

Whether you need a ton of help with your move, or you only need help with one aspect of your move, Moving Help has moving companies in Chicago that’ll fit your budget and needs. 

A U-Haul mover loads a utility dolly into a U-Haul truck.

Chicago Moving Companies at an Affordable Price 

The average cost of moving companies for two men for two hours in Illinois is $270.56. The average price of a plain pizza is $7.33 in Illinois, according to the Chicago Tribune. You can buy about 36.91 plain pizzas. The average price of a 24-pack of beer is $15.20, according to You can buy about 17.80 24-packs of beer. 

Moving companies near you might be more affordable than you realize. The best part is if you can plan out your move carefully, you might find a lower price than the average $270.56. 

Business Moving 

Chicago’s downtown is definitely a business-focused area. With new buildings being built and rent rising across the country, businesses might need to expand into a new office. Businesses might need to move for cheaper rents. 

If you’re a business looking for moving companies near you that can help you out, the Moving Help Marketplace will have moving companies near you who know how to professionally move a business from one office space to the next office space. 

A business move isn’t the same as a home move, so you need to find moving companies near you who will get the job done correctly for your business move. 

3 Things to Do When Getting to Chicago 

If you’re wanting to know several locations to check out near you in Chicago, we recommend visiting these three locations. 

The Bean 

The Cloud Gate, also known as “The Bean” is located in Millennium Park. You can take in the beautiful scenery near you while checking out The Bean. “The Bean’s reflective surface was inspired by liquid mercury,” according to Additionally, “The exterior of The Bean is made entirely of stainless steel,” according to

Willis Tower 

The Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower, finished completion in May 1973 after three years of construction. It was the tallest building in the world until 1998, according to It’s still the 12th tallest building in the world, and the Skydeck has more than 1.7 million visitors annually, according to You can purchase your ticket here to check out the skydeck. 

The Art Institute of Chicago 

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the world’s greatest art museums, according to It has more than 1.5 visitors annually, according to the Art Institue of Chicago. They have many exhibits for everyone to enjoy. You can purchase your ticket here, and with your ticket, it’s good for the whole day, so you can enjoy the artwork, eat lunch near you, and come back to enjoy more exhibits. 

Moving Help Has Moving Companies Near You 

Whether you’re moving near Chicago or moving away from Chicago, Moving Help has moving companies that can assist you. Moving companies on Moving Help also can complete business moves along with other services. Don’t forget to enjoy the sweet sounds of nature, checking out Chicago’s beautiful skyline, or viewing the amazing artwork near Chicago.