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Local Movers in Dallas

Even though Dallas is a huge city with a population of more than 1.3 million, you can still find local movers in Dallas who are more than happy to carefully take care of your household belongings while moving. Moving Help® is an online labor-only Marketplace that connects customers just like you to local movers in Dallas.    

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Local Movers in Dallas Handle Specialty Moving Items  

Do you find yourself with a piano, gun safe, heavy-duty safe, pool table, or an unusually heavy or odd shaped item that you need help moving? At Moving Help®, you can find local movers in Dallas who are experts in moving those items.  

You can filter local movers out when searching for a mover who can help move your grand piano from your current home to your new home. Maybe you need a local mover in Dallas who can move your gun safe and upright piano. Well, you can filter local movers who offer both services on our website.  

No matter which local mover in Dallas you select for your move, make sure they’re aware of any specialty items you need help moving.

Moving Help® Has Experience  

Moving Help® was founded in 2002, which means we have more than 15 years of experience in the moving industry. We’re powered by U-Haul. Whether you plan on using a U-Haul truck rental or not, you can still hire local movers on Moving Help® to complete your move.  

Additionally, we have completed more than 5 million jobs and our local movers have more than 2.3 million unedited reviews.  

Programs Moving Help Offers  


You can protect your personal property during the loading and unloading process. If a local mover accidentally damages your items, you can file a claim with Repwest Insurance. It can cost as much as $1 to $22 for Safeload coverage depending on the coverage you purchase.  

This makes Safeload affordable for customers while also getting peace of mind knowing they’re protected.  

No Cancellation Fees  

Let’s say your moving date has changed. It’s also possible your housing fell through, severe weather occurred, or your moving truck wasn’t ready.  

At Moving Help®, we understand things change that are out of your control. That’s why when you cancel your order, we don’t charge a cancellation fee. The money you paid will go directly back to the card you used for your order.  

Moving can be stressful enough, so you shouldn’t have to worry about a cancellation fee on top of it.  

Refundable Service Fee  

To receive a refund for the $5.95 service fee on eligible orders, all customers have to do is complete the review on their local movers after the job is completed. You’ll get your $5.95 service fee refunded, and local movers can show future potential customers what an awesome service they provided for your move.

No Hidden Fees  

When it comes to the moving industry, customers are on the lookout for potential hidden fees. Whether it’s during the reservation process or the day of the move. At Moving Help®, we don’t have any hidden fees. The price you see is the price you pay.  

 That’s it. It’s that simple.  

You can tip in cash on the day of your move, or you can tip online when leaving your review if you forgot to tip in person.  

Hire Local Movers in Dallas  

Whether you’re moving to Dallas, moving away from Dallas, or moving to another location in Dallas, Moving Help® has your back with many local movers. Local movers in Dallas can handle your specialty items with great care.  

Moving Help® doesn’t charge cancellation fees or have hidden fees. We have a refundable service fee, and you can purchase our affordable Safeload coverage option. With our experience, you’ll be glad to have hired local movers in Dallas from Moving Help® to help you with your next move.