Ottawa skyscrapers can be seen on a mostly sunny day in an aerial shot.

Find Ottawa Movers

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, and the city continues to grow every day with people moving in and out of the city. Are you looking for a stress-free moving experience? Finding Ottawa movers on your own doesn’t have to be difficult. Moving Help, which is powered by U-Haul, is the online Marketplace solution for you because we connect customers with labor-only Service Providers.

Rather than trying to find moving companies in Ottawa on your own that are too expensive, you can find moving help in Ottawa at an affordable price with upfront pricing with our Marketplace today. This will help you get settled into your new home quicker, which will let you explore Ottawa faster.

Moving Services Offered

Moving Helpers offer a variety of moving labor services starting at two hours for loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, and cleaning. Customers will pay a flat rate for piano moving services, gun safe moving services, and U-Box container services — no matter how long it takes.

What Do Moving Companies in Ottawa Cost?

A full-service Ottawa moving company can get expensive quickly. By using the Moving Help Marketplace, you’ll find affordable moving labor providers to help you move without breaking your bank.

Check out the chart below to see how much two helpers for two hours will cost you in Ottawa.


*Prices are shown in the Canadian dollar. Prices may fluctuate because of a variety of reasons (Ex. Time of year, day of the week, summer months, location, number of Service Providers in the area, etc.)

How to Book a Moving Help Order

You can use Moving Help to book an order whether you have a short- or long-distance move. You can choose to hire moving labor for your U-Haul truck rental, hire moving labor for your U-Box storage container, or hire moving labor with whatever way you’re transporting your belongings.

Below are some instructions to help guide you on how the booking process works.

Step 1: Enter Your Move’s Details

Go to and enter your first address and the time and date you need help with your move. If needed, enter your second address and the time and date you need help as well and then hit the “Search” button.

Step 2: Filter and Apply What Services You Need

You’ll see the next page has sort and filter options for hourly services and specialty services. Apply the corresponding checkboxes if you need some hourly services or specialty services (piano moving or gun safe moving), so Moving Help can recommend to you the best local labor Service Providers in Ottawa to fit your needs.

Step 3: Read Through the Reviews

You can read through hundreds of reviews for each provider to find the one you like the best. While reading the reviews, you’ll know what each provider costs as well. You’ll then select your local moving labor team based on the reviews, your budget, and your needs.

Step 4: Repeat the Process

If needed, you’ll “Continue to Location 2” and select your Moving Helpers for your second address. You follow the same process as you did for Location 1.

Step 5: Enter Remaining Details and Payment Info

You should leave notes for your Service Provider about anything you think they should know for your specific move. For example, your home has stairs, or your apartment has an elevator. Of course, your labor-only provider will reach out to you for any additional details they need for your move. Enter your payment and billing information and hit the “Confirm Order” button.

5 Places to Discover in Ottawa

Because you chose Moving Help for your move, that means you’ll get done moving into your new home faster. You’ll get to enjoy experience everything Ottawa has to offer — from museums to indigenous culture to cycling outdoors.

1. The City of Museums

“Ottawa is often seen as the city of museums,” according to Ottawa Tourism. They’ve created many points of interest into Unofficial Museums, which can lead you to The Unofficial Museum of Man’s Best Friend. You can visit a “meaningful life-sized bronze dog statue in Confederation Park” where pups have played a role in Canada’s military history.

Ottawa is known for hockey and ice, so why not visit The Unofficial Museum of the Largest Rink on Earth. You can skate with friends or family on the world’s largest ice rink for some outdoor fun.

People skate together on the Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa. It’s the largest ice rink on Earth, and Ottawa Tourism calls it an unofficial museum.

2. Mādahòkì Farm

Mādahòkì Farm is your chance to “experience authentic Indigenous culture, including seasonal events, a year-round marketplace and other programming at this rural site within the city of Ottawa,” according to Ottawa Tourism.

They have seasonal events that highlight dance, food, music, and more for you to enjoy year-round. They also have programs and endangered animals.

3. Cycle in rural Ottawa

Ottawa has more than 800 kilometers (497 miles) of pathways for bicycle enthusiasts to explore. Cyclists can use the opportunity to explore the countryside of Ottawa in different rural areas. You can enjoy your own self-guided bicycle tours, according to Ottawa Tourism.

4. West Carleton-March neighborhoods

Sometimes you want a change of scenery without going to a whole new city. You can visit the West Carleton-March neighborhoods, which is about 35 minutes west of downtown Ottawa.

You’ll have time for plenty of activities in the day. You can grab breakfast, visit local shops, go to a museum, or walk around a farmer’s market in the morning. In the afternoon, you can walk a park or hike trails, visit the Morris Island Conservation Area, explore historic sites, eat some ice cream, or swing some golf clubs at different golf courses. By the time the evening strolls around, you can finish the day at a local British pub or other restaurants.

5. Run around in dog-friendly places

Do you have a furry animal that loves to travel around with you? Well, Ottawa is the city for you and your pup to search — or sniff — for new adventures.

Ottawa has many dog-friendly hotels. You also can take your pets to parks, pathways, festivals, and events to walk around. Does your pooch need a break? Ottawa has boats and breweries that are dog-friendly where your doggo can sit to take a break to relax.

4 Moving Help Benefits

Moving Help has many benefits as to why customers choose us over other moving companies in Ottawa. Check out four of the many reasons as to why customers choose us for their labor-only moving needs over our competitors.

Payment Code

After booking a Moving Help order, your funds will go into an escrow after being charged immediately. You’ll receive an email (and a text if you opted in) with Moving Help’s patented Payment Code.

Your Payment Code is a unique six-digit code. You pay your labor-only Ottawa helpers once your job is completed and you’re satisfied with their work. Your helpers won’t get paid until you give them your code.

This avoids needing cash at all unless you want to tip in cash. Learn more about your Payment Code.

No Cancellation Fees

Moving can be a stressful situation, especially when you’re in a time crunch. Moving Help understands that every move is different. This is why Moving Help doesn’t charge a cancellation fee.

No matter when you need to cancel prior to your moving date, Moving Help will never charge you a cancellation fee.

Refundable Service Fee

With your online order, you’ll be charged a $5.95 service fee, but that service fee is refundable. The only requirement to receive your $5.95 service fee back is to leave a review for your Service Provider.

This helps the provider and future customers. Providers will get the chance to brag about their review or take it as a learning opportunity, and future customers can read about how your specific moving experiences went with this helper.

You can read our article on how to leave a Moving Help review.

No Hidden Fees

Moving Help has no hidden fees. We always guarantee up-front pricing and quotes. We don’t charge gas fees, travel fees, or stairs fees. Our independent Ottawa Service Providers have already included those fees into their prices that they set on their own.

You’ll never be surprised by an unexpected fee with us.

Read Moving Help Reviews in Ottawa

Moving Help has more than 2.5 million customer reviews. Some Moving Help Ottawa helpers have hundreds of reviews that you can read through to learn about each customer’s experience with that specific moving labor company.

Word-of-mouth reviews are important, and you can read all the real, unedited reviews with Moving Help. Other Ottawa movers might be able to say they have hundreds of reviews.

Find Ottawa Movers Today

If you have to search for an Ottawa moving company on your own, it can get expensive quickly. With Moving Help, you can find affordable labor-only Ottawa Service Providers at your fingertips with our online Marketplace.

You can create a stress-free moving experience today with Moving Help in Ottawa.