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Moving out for the First Time

Posted: August 15, 2023
A woman tapes her moving box as she prepares to move out for the first time.

Moving out for the first time can be scary and overwhelming. If you have a plan, it’ll make moving out for the first time easier. Some basics that you should include in your move-out plan are budgeting, a list of apartment basics, and how you plan on moving your belongings to your new place.

What to Do Before Your Move

Create a Budget 

You can find many resources that’ll help you create a moving budget. What’s important is that you find something you can stick to when budgeting. If you budget now, you can figure out your monthly income and expenses. This will help you figure out what you can afford, especially when it comes to rent.

Have a Job Lined Up

If you’re moving to a new city or a new state that’ll require you to get a new job, you’ll want your new job lined up before you move out. Moving out without a job lined up is possible, but you’ll want to make sure your emergency funds can cover your expenses until you find your new job. It takes about five to six months on average to find a new job. 

Know Where You’ll Live

Your move out plan will obviously include finding a new place — whether moving locally or moving out of state. If moving locally, check out some of our saving tips when moving locally

You’ll need to figure out utilities for your new place along with needing renter’s insurance. If you’re planning to move to an apartment, Moving Help has plenty of apartment moving labor companies to fit your budget. 

Figure Out If You’ll Have Roommates

Finally, you need to decide whether you want to live with roommates or not. Roommates can certainly help you share living expenses, which makes it easier on your budget. While it might be more expensive to live on your own, you won’t have to share your space with anyone, and you can come and go as you please. 

Preparing to Move out Tips 

Once you have the previous tips done, you can begin preparing the next part of your move out plan. 

Make Plans for Packing and Loading

You’ll need to begin packing your belongings. You’ll also need to figure out how you want to move your belongings. You can hire labor-only moving companies such as Service Providers from the Moving Help® Marketplace

You can complete your move by doing it yourself using rental equipment from U-Haul. You also can do a hybrid move where you do parts of your move by yourself and other parts of your move with the help of Moving Help’s labor-only moving companies. 

It’ll cost you more money to hire Service Providers from the Moving Help Marketplace, but it’ll save you time and back pain from doing it entirely yourself. You’ll need to decide whether your budget allows you to hire a professional moving labor company. 

Update Your Address

When you move to a new place, you’ll want to update your address on your driver’s license. Each state has different requirements depending on how fast you need to update your license after moving. 

You’ll want to update your address with the United States Postal Service. You can update your address online or in person. The faster you get this task done the less likely you’ll have a disruption in receiving your mail. 

Prepare Yourself Emotionally

One item to not forget when trying to answer the how to move out question is how emotional moving can be for people. Moving out can be emotional, and it’s OK if you get caught up with some feelings.

You’re making a huge change in your life, and you have all your belongings packed and going inside a U-Haul truck, U-Box® storage containers, or whatever way you decide to transport them.

What to Do After Moving Tips 

Once you’re done preparing to move out and have your belongings into your new home, you can begin the next part of your move out plan. 

Time to Unpack

After you’re done moving into your new place, you’ll want to unpack everything. One of the first items to unpack is your bed. After a long day of moving, you’ll want a place to crash to get a good night’s sleep. 

The faster you unpack your belongings the better you’ll feel because everything will be put away. 

Create a Schedule for Chores

If you have roommates, you’ll want to create a chores schedule. You and your roommate, or roommates, will need to discuss the chores as soon as possible, so no one has any confusion as to whose turn it is to take out the trash. Even if you live by yourself, you should create a chores schedule for yourself.

Buy Any Necessary Household Goods

If you didn’t have that many belongings when moving into your new place, you’ll want to create a list of items you need for your new home. You don’t need absolutely everything for your first place. The best plan is to be realistic about what items you need and what items you’ll use consistently. 

Create a Move out Plan for Moving out for the First Time 

If you create a move out plan, moving out for the first time won’t be difficult. You’ll need to have a plan that includes what you need before you move out, preparing to move out, and what to do after moving out. 

Our Moving Help tips will help you figure out how to move out in an efficient manner, and your plan from our tips will help you cover the basics needed for moving out for the first time.