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Tips for Moving out of State

Posted: June 19, 2022
Movers carrying TV box up ramp onto U-Haul truck.

Moving can be stressful for anyone, but moving out of one state and into another state adds another stressful layer. You have to prepare much earlier and figure out the timing of when you’re leaving your old place and when you’re arriving at your new place. 

Luckily, Moving Help® has plenty of options for your departure and for your arrival to make the transition for a smoother move. Moving Help can help customers who are already planning on using U-Haul’s other services.

Plus, Moving Help will give you some guidelines on what you need to remember to do once you arrive in your new state. 

How Can Moving Help Assist Me With Moving out of a State?

The Moving Help Marketplace has many Service Providers who offer many different services that can help you with any need you have.

If you need help packing, loading, unloading, or cleaning, a Service Provider can be there to help you out. Each Service Provider sets their own prices, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs and budget when moving out of a state.

If you want some tips for some less expensive ways to move long distance, you can read our guide. 

How Can Moving Help Assist Me With Moving Into a State?

Just like how the Moving Help Marketplace has Service Providers to help you when moving out of a state, Service Providers can help you with moving into a new state. Sometimes customers move to a new state with no friends or family members nearby who can help them out.

It can be difficult to trust out-of-state moving companies to complete the entire process, but with Moving Help, customers can find a Service Provider that fits their needs and budget with their first location and their second location.

You’ll have a list of out of state movers from the Moving Help Marketplace who offer a variety of services just like you did when you left your old state.

Some people may not trust out-of-state moving companies because of their items being potentially stolen or held hostage because of hidden fees. With Moving Help, we have no hidden fees, the price you see is the price you pay. Additionally, you’re in control of your belongings.

How Can Moving Help Assist Me With Moving to Another Country?

U-Haul and Moving Help can help you move to another country, especially if you’re moving to Canada. U-Haul has many locations in Canada, and Moving Help has many Service Providers who can help you when you arrive to Canada. 

If you’re moving to another country besides Canada, U-Haul and Moving Help can still plan your move to another country. U-Haul storage containers can be shipped to many countries internationally. 

How Long in Advance Should I Prepare for My Move?

The earlier you prepare for your out-of-state move the better. You’ll want to start at least a month before your moving date. A month will give you time to find packing supplies and decide whether you’ll rent a U-Haul truck or use a U-Box shipping container. Plus, you’ll need time to gather medical records, pet records, school records (if you’re in school or have children in school) and other important documents.

If you’re looking for movers, you could start that search two months before your move to give you the most option. With Moving Help, you can find movers two months in advance or even same-day movers, which gives you some flexibility in your timeline.

By having a game plan, you’ll be able to accomplish something each day to help make your moving day less stressful. The more prepared you are in the beginning, the less you’ll have to worry about as the final day approaches.

If you have a long-distance move and you don’t want to do any of the work, you could a hire a full-service moving company, but it could get more expensive than using U-Haul and hiring Moving Help when comparing the two companies.

What Do I Need to Buy for My Move?

You’ll need to start with boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, furniture pads, plastic wrap and TV boxes. If you need more supplies for some more unique items, U-Haul can have you covered. You’ll also need to decide whether you’re going to rent a trailer, truck or use a U-Box storage container. 

Unless you don’t have a car and plan on flying to your final destination, you’ll need to decide what to do with your car. U-Haul can install a hitch on your car, so you can carry a trailer behind you. You may decide you want to use a U-Haul auto transport for your car.

If you choose a U-Box storage container, you’ll just use your car to drive to your final destination, and you can put more valuable or fragile items in your car. All three options work, so it’ll just depend upon your comfort level and your budget on what you want to do. 

Moving Help Service Providers offers labor services, so they won’t bring supplies with them, but they can help you use those items to pack or load for when you’re moving out of state. 

What Are Some Tips and Tricks I Need to Think About During My Move?

Below are some tips and tricks that you might want to consider during your move when moving out of state. 

  • Take an inventory of all items 
  • Donate or sell any items you don’t want to bring with you 
  • Keep all important documents with you on hand 
  • Bring a travel bag with all necessary toiletries 
  • Make sure children have enough items to entertain themselves 
  • Make sure to grab leashes, harnesses, food, and dish bowls for pets 
  • Make hotel reservations in advance if your trip takes more than one day to complete 
  • Make sure to have phones charged and to keep portable chargers and charging cords nearby 
  • Map out how you’ll get there and where you might stop for breaks, food, and gas 
  • If more than one person is driving, figure out when people will take turns driving 

What Are Some Items I Need to Remember to Take Care of Once I’m Living in My New State?

After you’ve arrived at your new state, moved into your new place and have everything unloaded into your new home, you aren’t quite done with moving. Below is a list of items that you’ll need to take care of once you’ve moved to a new state. 

  • Forward your mail (If you did it before you moved, you’re ahead of the game, but if you moved and then found a place, you’ll want to do it now) 
  • Get a driver’s license for your new state 
  • Get your car’s title for your new state 
  • Register your car for your new state 
  • Update your voting registration 
  • Set up any utilities (gas, electric, water, garbage) 
  • Set up internet 
  • Set up cable 
  • Get your children enrolled in their new school 

Every situation is different, so when you’re preparing for your move, you also should plan for what you need to take care of once you’re done moving out of state. This way, it’ll be easier to remember what all needs to be accomplished afterward. 

Do I Need to Plan for an Emergency Fund?

Yes, you’ll want to plan to save some money for an emergency fund. Sometimes life goes unexpectedly when moving out of state. If something does go wrong, you’ll be glad — and less stressed — that you have the money to cover an unexpected expense. If your moving trip does go smoothly as expected, you’ll have some extra money to spend elsewhere. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation. 

Moving Help Can Help You Go Anywhere 

The Moving Help Marketplace has Service Providers in many areas. No matter how far you’re moving out of state or to another state, Moving Help has you covered. Service Providers offer a variety of services that can fit any budget for when you’re trying to depart from your old state or when you’re arriving in your new state.