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Can You Hire Movers to Load a U-Haul Truck?

Posted: September 14, 2023
A professional moving labor provider from the Moving Help Marketplace loads a dolly into a U-Haul truck.

Have you ever wanted moving labor providers to help you with just the loading and unloading portion of your move? Yet, you don’t want to pay for a full-service move or have to rely on friends or family?

Good news! It’s absolutely possible for you to hire professional moving labor from the Moving Help® Marketplace just to load, unload, or load and unload a truck. Moving Help is an online Marketplace that connects customers with local moving Service Providers.

Can You Hire Movers to Load a Truck?

Booking Professional Moving Labor

Yes, you can hire Service Providers to load a truck — whether booking in advance or the same day. The earlier you reserve your truck and labor-only providers, the better off you’ll be with your move.

You don’t need a full-service move just to have someone load your truck. In fact, Moving Help has plenty of labor-only providers who provide loading services on the Moving Help Marketplace.

Moving Helpers can help maximize the space in your truck, they’ll load your truck faster than you, it’ll be safer for professional Service Providers to load your items, you won’t have to lift any heavy belongings, and you can focus on other tasks.

How to Hire Movers to Load a Truck

Using and

You can go to or to find reliable labor-only Service Providers to help you load your truck. You pick the address where you need help loading, then you pick the date you need help loading, and then the start time to begin your move.

Once the next page loads, you’ll find a wide variety of providers who can help you with your loading move. You’ll also find a wide price range of Moving Helpers and how much each one will cost you, so you can find one that fits your budget.

Cost Considerations

If you have friends or family helping you, by the time you order pizzas, beverages, and anything else, it could cost you about the same or more than if you had hired professional moving labor from the beginning.

Can You Hire Movers to Unload a Truck?

Options for Unloading

Yes, just like loading, you can hire labor-only providers to unload your truck as well. In fact, the same providers on the Moving Help Marketplace can help you with the loading and unloading portions of your move, as long as the addresses are within their coverage zones.

If you have a long-distance move, you can find helpers on your loading destination to load your truck. The next step will be to find providers on your unloading destination to unload your truck.

Because you hired Service Providers to help you unload your truck, you can start unpacking your items even more quickly because of the extra time you gained from hiring professional moving labor providers. You also can return your U-Haul truck rental sooner or clean your former home sooner.

Additional Benefits

The best part about Moving Help Service Providers is they offer other services such as packing and cleaning. If you decide when booking your loading, unloading, or unloading and loading move that you’d like some packing or cleaning help, you can find Moving Helpers who offer those specific services you need for your individual move.

Hire Moving Help Movers to Load Your Truck 

Whether you need help with loading your truck, unloading your truck, or loading and unloading your truck, Moving Help has plenty of Moving Helpers who can assist you with your needs. 

The Moving Help Marketplace has many professional moving laborers, so you’ll be able to find Service Providers who fit your needs and budget.