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U-Haul and Two Men and a Truck Comparison

Posted: August 11, 2023
A U-Haul truck rental pulls a trailer driving to Oregon.

Most people have heard of U-Haul and Two Men and a Truck and understand both are moving companies. While most people consider U-Haul a DIY company and Two Men and a Truck a full-service moving company, combining U-Haul with Moving Help® will give you a hybrid moving experience. 

What makes these two companies similar? What makes these two companies different? 

What services does each company offer and for how much? 

Let’s find out. 

What’s U-Haul? 

U-Haul is a moving truck, trailer, and self-storage rental company along with many other services. People who want to move, but not pay a full-service company, can take a do-it-yourself approach with U-Haul. 

With U-Haul alone, you’ll save more money by doing the work yourself. You can, however, use Moving Help to do the heavy lifting for you without breaking the bank. 

What’s Moving Help? Moving Help is an online Marketplace that connects customers to labor-only Service Providers in their area. U-Haul powers Moving Help. 

Customers like Moving Help because they can hire trustworthy Service Providers to load and unload for them, pack and unpack for them, clean their home — along with other services. 

It ultimately gives customers the option to have a hybrid move or a full-service move without necessarily paying for a full-service company. This customization allows customers to pick and choose what tasks they need help with and what they can do themselves. 

Between U-Haul and Moving Help, customers have more than 21,000 U-Haul locations and more than 7,500 Service Providers across all 50 United States and 10 Canadian provinces. 

What’s Two Men and a Truck? 

“Two Men and a Truck is a national, full-service moving company which offers customers comprehensive home and business relocation, packing and unpacking, and junk removal services,” according to Two Men and a Truck’s website

The company also provides storage options for customers. 

Two Men and a Truck has franchises in 46 U.S. states, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the company has more than 390 franchise locations. 

Each franchise location operates with different services, so customers will need to contact their local franchise to see what services they offer to customers.  

What Services Does U-Haul + Moving Help and Two Men and a Truck Offer? 

ServicesU-Haul + Moving HelpTwo Men and a Truck
Trucks More than 186,000 trucks, more than 128,000 trailers, and more than 46,000 towing devices More than 3,000 trucks 
Storage More than 876,000 rentable storage units and more than 75.1 million square feet of storage More than 125 franchise locations 
Short-distance moves Yes Yes 
Long-distance moves Yes Yes 
Unloading and loading Moving Help Service Providers Yes 
Moving containers U-Box storage containers Yes 
Packing Moving Help Service Providers Yes 
Moving boxes Yes Yes 
Junk removal No Yes 
Driving services You drive the U-Haul truck rental. 
U-Box storage containers can have:
U-Haul truck delivery
2. Moving Help Service Providers delivery
3. Self-delivery 
They drive it. 
Cleaning Moving Help Service Providers No 
Control of items Yes No 

What Does U-Haul + Moving Help and Two Men and a Truck Cost? 

The prices will vary with a U-Haul truck rental and a U-Box storage container. Depending on a few factors, a U-Haul truck rental will typically cost more if you have a long-distance move vs. a short-distance move. 

You can calculate your U-Haul truck rental cost or your U-Box storage containers cost by entering your moving information. 

Moving Help Service Providers’ cost depends on how many services you need. 

For example, it’ll be less expensive to hire moving labor to load and unload your belongings than needing Service Providers to pack, load, unload, and unpack your items. 

The average cost for two helpers for two hours to load or unload is about $250. Of course, a variety of factors can make your Service Providers less expensive in your area. 

How much does Two Men and a Truck cost? 

Two Men and a Truck has franchises that are independently owned and operated, so each location will have their own set rates. Most franchise locations charge hourly for local moves and by weight and miles for a long-distance move. 

You’ll need to call your franchise location to find out the exact cost. You also can call or fill out a quote online. For a long-distance move, it’s best to have a home inspection estimate, so you can get the most accurate quote possible. 

Other factors that could increase the cost of your move, according to Two Men and a Truck

  • Number of flights of stairs 
  • Distance to truck to load or unload location 
  • The time it takes to load or unload your items 
  • The driving time from the load or unload location 

What Else Should I Know About U-Haul + Moving Help and Two Men and a Truck?

With the U-Haul + Moving Help route, you can control some costs for your move. 

You might need loading help, unloading help, and unpacking help. Another possibility is you might need cleaning help at one location and unloading help at the other location. 

With Two Men and a Truck, you might not want to lift a single finger and have someone else complete all the work. 

Maybe your time is more valuable to you, and you’d rather pay more money to have someone else to remove your junk, pack your belongings, load your belongings, drive your belongings, unload your belongings, and unpack your belongings. 

Moving Help Service Providers load different items into a U-Haul truck for a customer.

When it comes to prices, Moving Help offers upfront pricing for what each Service Provider offers for each service. 

Two Men and a Truck might give you a binding quote or a non-binding quote. 

A binding quote is a price based upon inventory, which means no matter how long the job takes, the flat price is always the same. It’s only given when an onsite estimate is performed. 

A non-binding quote is an estimate based upon the full-service movers’ previous experience, which means if your move takes longer than estimated, it could cost you more money.

U-Haul + Moving Help and Two Men and a Truck Comparison 

When you put U-Haul and Moving Help together, they have plenty of similarities to Two Men and a Truck. At the same time, both companies offer different services. 

Every move is different and only you can determine what you need for your move. You might want to do all the work, some of the work, or none of the work it takes to move. From there, you can figure out which company is best for you.