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How to Move Firearms

Posted: June 19, 2022
An unloaded firearm lies in a gun safe case.

Moving firearms is not something you can take lightly. You must follow state laws and other rules to carefully move your firearms from your old home to your new home. You also need to be prepared in advance that way you can avoid accidentally getting in trouble all because you didn’t know the rules. 

Our Moving Help® guidelines will give you a few tips to help keep in mind when learning how to move firearms. 

What Should I Know Before Moving?

The first step you’ll want to do is to look up state laws. Some states have more relaxed gun laws, and some states have stricter gun laws when it comes to moving firearms. Moving with firearms is serious business, so it’s not something you can take lightly. 

If you’re staying within the same state when moving firearms, you just need to look up your state’s moving with firearms rules. If you’re moving states with a firearm, you’ll need to look up the state’s laws in your new state. Additionally, if you’re moving cross country with firearms to reach your new state, you’ll need to know those states’ laws when it comes to moving with firearms. 

You’ll want to understand and have this information written down beforehand. Some states may allow quick visits such as bathroom breaks and getting gas, but they might not allow overnight stays. 

How Should I Pack My Firearms?

When moving firearms, you’ll want to pack them as carefully as possible. Below is a list of items you may want to consider when packing your firearms. 

  • Your firearms should be unloaded 
  • Make sure all safety mechanisms are turned on 
  • Consider breaking down the gun down into several pieces 
  • Understand the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) 
  • Move all guns carefully and, if needed, move slowly 
  • Guns and ammo should be packed and locked in separate boxes 

Should I Tell My Moving Help Service Provider?

Yes, you should always tell your Moving Help Service Provider that they’ll be moving firearms. Not every Service Provider will necessarily be wiling to move firearms. If you want to know whether your Service Provider wants to be moving with firearms, you can check the “Gun Safe Moving” box in the filter section on our website. 

If you’re moving a gun safe, you’ll want to make sure you get furniture pads, a dolly, and any other necessary equipment for your Service Providers to move a gun safe carefully and safely. 

What Else to Know About How to Move Firearms?

Moving companies can’t move ammo, so you’ll have to figure out another way to transport your ammo yourself. When moving with firearms, you can’t pack firearms within arm’s reach of the driver or passengers. Therefore, you’ll want to pack your firearms in your trunk. 

Additionally, when moving firearms, they should be kept out of sight. Also, if your firearms and ammo are moving in your trunk, they still need to be locked and in separate boxes. 

Moving Firearms Should Be Done Carefully and Slowly

Finally, if you’re confused about any possible rules or laws when moving firearms, make sure you clear up any confusion with a trusted source. 

Moving firearms carefully and safely is important. You need to understand the laws and the rules to make sure you don’t break them. Our guidelines will give you a good start on what to think about when moving firearms in your same state or if you are moving cross country.