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Where to Buy a Safe?

Posted: August 15, 2023
A man unlocks a safe by turning the steel handle.

Whether you’ve collected enough personal documents and belongings or just want a more secure place for your current personal documents and belongings, buying a safe gives you another level of security. It’ll be much more difficult for someone to steal your items out of a safe vs. the bottom of your sock drawer. 

A home safe also can protect your items from fires and water damage. The last thing you want to replace in that situation is your social security card or birth certificate.

Not all home safes are built the same and the type of safe you need for your home might be different for someone else. Moving Help® will provide a guide on where to buy a safe and how to buy the right safe for you. 

Where Can I Buy a Safe?

Most large retailers carry different brands when buying a safe. For example, you can purchase home safes at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart. Additionally, local businesses in your area could sell home safes.

You can quickly search where to buy a safe online, and many options will be available for you to find home safes near you. Once you know where to buy a safe, go check out the home safes in person to see whether you like any of the options. 

How to Buy the Right Safe for Me?

Everyone will purchase different home safes for different reasons. Buying a safe that’s perfect for you might not be right for someone else. 

Below is a list of what to potentially keep in mind when buying a safe. 

  • Purchasing a safe for just personal documents 
  • Buying a safe for high-value items 
  • Needing a safe for personal documents and valuable belongings 
  • A fireproof safe 
  • A waterproof safe 
  • Weight of the safe 
  • Having at least ¼” solid plate steel in the door for a gun safe 
  • Importance of a UL Certified/Approved lock
  • Price: Wanting an affordable or more expensive safe 

What Other Factors Should I Keep in Mind When Buying a Safe?

People have other good reasons when buying a safe for their home. These reasons include: 

  • Keeps potentially dangerous items away from others 
  • Keeps inexperienced hands away from certain belongings 
  • Hiding gifts 
  • Safely store certain medications, if needed

Also, keep these factors in mind when deciding where to place your safe:

  • Heavy safes should go on the ground level vs. second level or higher
  • It’ll be harder to move, and the weight could be bad for the upper floors   
  • A tall, heavy safe should go in the corner against a wall

Moving Help Can Move Your Safe and More

Our Service Providers can move your safe — no matter how heavy it is — along with other heavy belongings. They can move: 

You can protect your gun safe, or you can make sure the Service Provider protects it before they move it. If you’re worried about any potential damage, you can select a local moving labor provider who offers Safeload coverage.

Buying the Right Safe for You 

Some of these factors may or may not apply to you when buying a safe. The Moving Help guide on where and which safe to buy will help get you started on buying a safe.

If you need your home safes moved to your new home, Moving Help has many Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace who specialize in moving home safes securely and safely for you.