Austin’s downtown and the Colorado River can be seen from across the walkway on a partly cloudy day.

Moving Companies in Austin

Rather than spending so much time working on your move, the Moving Help® Marketplace can assist you and save you time and effort. Moving companies are great, but the Moving Help Service Providers are even better at completing any moving labor service you need.

Whether you need help with specialty moves or loading or unloading help, our affordable moving labor can get the job done. Moving Helpers want to complete the heavy lifting for you, so your move can be less stressful, and you’ll avoid physical injury.

How Much Do Austin Movers Cost?

Rather than paying a huge price tag with Austin moving companies, you can pay for labor-only Service Providers from the Moving Help Marketplace. It helps cut down the cost, and you only pay for what you need for your individual move.

You can find the price range in Austin for two helpers for two hours using the chart below.

Lowest Average Highest 

Why Should I Choose Moving Help?

Moving Help has professional, affordable moving labor who knows how to get your job done successfully while saving you time compared to an Austin moving company who aren’t on the Moving Help Marketplace. Moving Help has:

  • More than 5 million jobs completed 
  • Can handle any type of move: storage units, storage containers, truck rentals, and more 
  • More than 2.5 million reviews 
  • Can assist with loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, cleaning, piano moves, gun safe moves, and U-Box services 
  • Avoid the heavy lifting 
  • Create a less stressful moving experience 

Our Payment Code keeps you protected on moving day. If you’re not happy and satisfied with your move, you can hold onto your Payment Code

Our Service Providers want to earn the Payment Code, which is why they try to provide you with the best customer service experience possible compared to other moving companies in Austin who aren’t on the Moving Help Marketplace.

Moving Help Benefits 

Moving Help has several benefits that help make customers have a move that’s less stressful. Some benefits include:

Whether you have one flight of stairs or 12 flights of stairs, our Service Providers don’t charge stair fees. Our Moving Helpers’ prices already include travel fees. You won’t have to worry about any unexpected extra gas fees or travel fees on moving day unlike other Austin movers.

We get that life happens, and moving can be tricky when it comes to aligning dates, so we understand if you need to cancel or reschedule your move. This is why we don’t charge cancellation fees.

Want some additional protection while using a top-rated Service Provider? You can get our Moving Help insurance for $22 or less. You can get Safeload coverage by paying $22 for $5,000 worth of coverage, or you can pay as little as $4 for $500 worth of coverage.

Get Your Groove on With Austin’s Music Scene

Austin has a lively music scene. You can enjoy music at festivals, outdoor venues, indoor venues, and concerts. Austin has local artists and record stores for you to see all different types of music genres.  

1. Festivals

Austin has plenty of music festivals throughout the year. You can find a festival that suits your music taste at any point in the year.

2. Concerts

You can find concerts, night shows, live music, and more in Austin. Just like festivals in Austin, you’ll find plenty of concerts throughout the year in Austin.

3. Music venues

Austin has many music venues that you can choose from, and when you’re at the Live Music Capital of the World®, the city has made a nice Austin music venue guide for residents. You’ll never be short of venues to try out and listen to some groovy music. 

Moving Companies in Austin to Take Care of Specialty Moving

Just because you have specialty items, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to move them. Our moving labor experts know how to move heavy or specialty belongings safely and quickly. Some items might include:

Entertaining Austin Activities to Enjoy 

After finishing your move, you can find plenty of fun with your family, friends, or yourself, you’ll be sure to find it in Austin. 

1. Art for the People

The art gallery serves more than 100-plus Austin artists. They have exhibitions throughout the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons.

2. Volente Beach Water Park

With Texas’ hot, humid summers, it’s nice to be able to cool down. A water park to try out is Volente Beach Water Park. The water park has: 

  • Texas Twister 
  • Pirate ship (a children’s area) 
  • Road runners 
  • Sidewinder 
  • Gators crossing 

3. Wonderspaces

Do you want to have an interactive or immersive experience with your art? Wonderspaces is an art show with 12 installations from artists from around the world in a 28,000 square foot space. It takes about 75 minutes to enjoy the whole show.

An aerial shot shows Austin’s downtown and the Colorado River as the sun begins to set.

Read Moving Help Reviews in Austin

Customers, just like you, have left real, unedited reviews about our moving labor. While searching for labor-only Service Providers for your next move, you can read real, unedited reviews from more than 2.5 million reviews. Traditional Austin movers might not have this many reviews.

Exceptional Moving Companies in Austin

You can find affordable moving labor in Austin on the Moving Help Marketplace instead of searching for an Austin moving company on your own who’ll be too expensive. When you hire our labor-only Service Providers, your move will become less stressful.

Our Service Providers try to exceed your expectations every time, so find your helpers today.