Charlotte’s uptown area can be seen on bright afternoon. Charlotte is home to Bank of America and other large financial businesses.

Charlotte Moving Companies

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While Charlotte is known as a banking city, the city is known for so much more. The city has plenty of colleges, culture, attractions, and food. The city also has an interesting history, including why it’s known as “Queen City.” 

Charlotte Movers Cost 

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Business Moving for Your Office 

Charlotte is a hub spot for banking and financial services and is home to some of the largest banking companies in the country. Charlotte thrives in the manufacturing, energy, automotive, health, technology, and retail industries as well, according to Jeff Cook Real Estate

Bank of America headquarters is in the Charlotte area, and the Wells Fargo east coast division is in Charlotte too. 

No matter what industry your business is, Moving Help can assist you with any office move. Whether you need to find a smaller or larger office space, Moving Help can assist with your moving needs. 

The city is constantly growing, but you can stay prepared with our office moving guidelines: 

Charlotte’s Culinary Cuisine 

Because Moving Help can help you get moved in and settled in faster without you needing to do the heavy lifting yourself, it’ll give you more time to try Charlotte’s 101 must-try restaurants

Charlotte has quite the extensive food, brewery, and winery scene. You’ll never get bored trying to taste every dish or drink every beverage the city has to offer. Here are three places you might enjoy. 

1. Ace No. 3 

The Ace. No. 3 is a classic burger joint who serves plenty of burgers, shakes, beer, and more. The menu gives you plenty of free and premium toppings and sauces. They also serve “wiches and dogs” with four choices for sides.

2. Sugar Creek Brewing 

Charlotte has many award-winning craft beers, but when looking at the list, Sugar Creek Brewing has won many, many, many awards. They have an extensive beer list, so you’ll always have something to choose from when visiting. The brewery has a full-fledged menu, and it includes soups and salads, small plates, kebabs, and paninis. 

3. Divine Llama Vineyards 

Just like breweries, Charlotte also has many wineries to taste test. Divine Llama Vineyards keeps true to its name by having actual llamas that you can pet, hike with, feed them with treats, or take that picture-perfect scrapbook photo. Whether you have a passion for red wine, white wine, or both, Divine Llama Vineyards has it all. 

Have Fun Charlotte Adventures

Because Moving Help Service Providers can move you quickly, you can spend more time trying new experiences. 

Charlotte has plenty of attractions indoors and outdoors, so everyone can pretty much find one activity. Trying to stay budget friendly, check out this list for free or less expensive options

1. U.S. Whitewater Center Adventure Trail 

If you’re looking to get outdoors, check out the U.S. Whitewater Center Adventure Trail, which has 1,300 acres. Whether you want to hike, climb, mountain bike, whitewater rafting, or ziplines, this place has options for anyone seeking a fun time.

2. Frankie’s Fun Park 

Do you want to try to find something fun for the whole family? Check out Frankie’s Fun Park. Mini golf, bumper cars, bowling, teacups, laser tag, and arcade games will keep everyone occupied with entertainment for hours on end. 

3. Mint Museum Uptown 

The Mint Museum in Uptown was North Carolina’s first art museum when founded in 1936. The Mint Museum is a leader “innovative museum of internal art and design.” They have plenty of art exhibitions and educational opportunities to learn more. 

Charlotte, also known as “Queen City,” can be seen on a cloudy blue evening.

Revel in the City’s History 

Charlotte has a rich history. Starting with the city being known as “Queen City.” 

European settlers founded Charlotte in 1768. King George III still ruled the colonies at the time. Therefore, the reason Charlotte is called “Queen City” is because it was named after King George III’s wife Queen Charlotte, according to Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority

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