A wide panoramic shot of downtown Phoenix and the local mountains at sunset.

Local Movers Near Me in Phoenix

If you’re tired of bunking down for a cold winter and want to live most of the year with clear blue skies and warm sun, Phoenix is an excellent choice for you.

The Valley of the Sun is known for its exquisite hiking trails, beautiful landscapes, and awe-inspiring sunsets. This booming city has been steadily increasing in population, and Moving Help® is here to provide all your moving labor needs with our Marketplace.

How It Works

The Moving Help Marketplace is your best friend when finding local, small businesses offering their moving services.

Do you need someone to load and unload a heavy piano or safe for transport? The Marketplace has you covered. Are you desperate for help packing and loading a U-Haul rental truck from your apartment to your new home? The Moving Help Marketplace has the right people for you.

Whether you need help at every step of the way or just a few extra hands, the Moving Help Marketplace can find you the right people at the right price. Moving Help was founded in 2002 right here in Phoenix, Arizona, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to moving.

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A Cultural Hotspot

Phoenix is spotted right near the center of Arizona, and it was a state that was once a part of Mexico. Arizona is currently home to 22 federally recognized indigenous tribes.

It has a thriving artistic community of people from all backgrounds, a wide array of museums, and a monthly First Friday Art Walk to showcase the work of local eateries, artists, and artisans.

Places to Go to In Downtown Phoenix

  1. Visit one of the many museums
    Phoenix is home to a variety of fantastic museums. Among them are the world-famous Musical Instrument Museum, the culturally important exhibits featuring the indigenous populations of Arizona of the Heard Museum, and the Phoenix Art Museum, which features several wonderful art exhibits featuring historic and contemporary artists from around the world.
  2. Go on a hike
    In addition to museums, Phoenix has beautiful mountain ranges and outdoor parks found within 20 minutes of downtown. Camelback Mountain is considered one of the best hikes in Phoenix and offers a spectacular view of the entire city.
    From there, you might even see one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous houses, The David and Gladys Wright House. Additionally, you might want to visit South Mountain Park and see the wonderful Mystery Castle.
  1. Walk down Roosevelt Row on First Friday
    Roosevelt Row is Phoenix’s walkable art district, where the monthly First Friday Art Walk event is held on the first Friday of each month. Walk down Mural Alley or go out to eat as you experience everything the city has to offer.

Local vendors, musicians, and food trucks gather downtown for what is essentially a party. You may even get a palm reading or your hand illustrated with henna.

Roosevelt Row stretches from the Japanese Friendship Garden all the way to North 16th Street, so you have plenty to experience during the First Friday Art Walk or even just your average Wednesday afternoon.

The view of Phoenix Arizona from atop Camelback Mountain.

Moving Help Services

Moving Help has a variety of available services to suit your moving needs. Moving Help offers the following services:
Loading and unloading
Packing and unpacking
Piano moving
Gun safe moving
U-Box container services

Rising Job Opportunities

One of the many reasons for Phoenix’s growing population includes the rise in job opportunities for those in the tech industry, according to ABC15. Considered an “under the radar” tech city, Phoenix has many similar benefits to living in Silicon Valley without the huge cost of living.

In fact, the cost of living in Phoenix is about 45 percent lower in Phoenix than in San Francisco, according to RentCafe’s cost of living calculator.

Phoenix appears among tech giants, like New York and Seattle, on Dice’s list of fastest-growing tech job opportunities and has been consistently growing through the last several years. As Phoenix continues to grow, job seekers can be confident there’ll be ample opportunities in the future as well.

You may want to start off your Phoenix move with help from the Moving Help Marketplace, where you may find help for less than $205 for two movers for two hours from a wide array of reviewed, rated, and trusted moving companies.

Can I Move Across the Country With Moving Help?

You can absolutely use Moving Help in any cross-country move in the United States or Canada. The Moving Help Marketplace has a wide network of moving companies that span in every major city and many smaller towns.

For example, you can hire a company in Saint Louis, Missouri, to pack and load your U-Haul truck rental for you. You schedule ahead of time for the day of your arrival for another company to unload and unpack your items in your new Phoenix home.
Schedule the services ahead of time to avoid the wait or look for next-day or even same-day movers to do the work.

Reviews for Movers in Phoenix

The Moving Help Marketplace allows customers to post their unedited reviews, so you can read direct quotes from customers using our services.

Hire Movers Near Me in Phoenix

The Moving Help Marketplace will be there for all your moving labor needs. We have local movers throughout the United States and in Canada. Our Phoenix movers are available in a wide variety of price ranges to suit your budget. Don’t break the bank, we have your back.