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Top 5 Must-Have U-Haul Moving Boxes on a Budget

Posted: February 27, 2024
A couple begins unloading their cargo trailer in the driveway of their new home. The woman unloads a U-Haul TV moving box, and the man carries some folded furniture blankets.

When it comes to moving, it’s obvious you’ll need moving boxes. It’s important to use quality, sturdy moving boxes while sticking to your budget. Sometimes it might seem easier to buy generic boxes or a grocery store’s leftover boxes, but that’s not the best idea. U-Haul has the best, high-quality moving boxes that serve a special purpose — to help you move, store, or ship them.

Moving Help® went through the boxes and found our Top 5 must-have U-Haul moving boxes even when on a budget. Our favorite boxes each serve a special purpose that makes packing specific items even easier. The boxes we selected are between $1.99 and $39.95, which means they’ll fit in with your budget. Heck, you might find these boxes in the Take a Box, Leave a Box Program.

Moving Boxes Selection Criteria

With so many great moving boxes from U-Haul, it was hard to choose our Top 5 boxes. We considered the cost/affordability, versatility, durability, and size with the boxes.


We wanted to make sure we kept the price in front of our minds since this article also considers one’s budget.

Our Top 5 U-Haul boxes are between $1.99-$39.95. That way, you can afford a few options on our list, if not all of them.


U-Haul makes moving boxes with durability as a focal point. U-Haul has been around for quite some time, so they know a thing or two about what makes a quality box.

Some of the boxes on our list are specifically built for durability for fragile items, which is great.

You also can use the same moving box for multiple moves without worrying about the box falling apart and breaking your possessions.


Just because our boxes are called by a specific name, it doesn’t mean those boxes can’t be used for other purposes. You can use these Top 5 boxes for multiple purposes.


U-Haul has the best moving boxes of many sizes, so we tried to pick boxes that were on the smaller, medium, and larger scale.

Top 5 U-Haul Moving Boxes

TV Moving Box

A woman carefully puts her TV inside her U-Haul TV moving box, so her TV will be extra protected and secure during her move.

Do you have an expensive, nice TV that you need to move, but you no longer have the TV box it came in? Despite the common belief, wrapping your TV in blankets, sheets, and towels isn’t the best protection for it.

This box will protect your flat screen TV during a move. It comes with two double walled TV moving boxes, easy-to-lift handles, and four foam pieces to cushion your TV.

U-Haul has three TV moving box sizes. Below are the prices:

Large Wardrobe Moving Box

U-Haul has many wardrobe moving boxes, but we stuck with the large wardrobe moving box. The large wardrobe box is designed for packing clothes with hangers. That’s right, you can take your clothes that are on your hangers and put them in box that has a metal hanging bar already.

The large wardrobe box can hold long or bulky garments such as dresses, suits, jackets, and other clothes. If you were to hang non-bulky garments, you could fill the space underneath the clothes in the box with other items.

U-Haul has eight different wardrobe boxes. Below are the prices:

A woman takes her clothes with hangers and places them inside a U-Haul wardrobe moving box that has a metal rack installed already in the box. This way, she can quickly load and unload her clothes with hangers.

Dish Saver Packing Kit With Moving Box

A man carefully places dishes that are protected in a foam pouch into the dish saver packing kit with moving box.

Dishes are extremely important whether you have glass dishes, Chinaware, or non-breakable dishes.

If you don’t pack them carefully, they can become slightly ruined or damaged entirely.

This is why you need something that’ll give your plates the ultimate protection package.

The U-Haul dish saver packing kit with moving box is the perfect specialty moving box for you.

This must-have kit comes with easy-to-lift handles, 32 reusable foam poaches, and a five-piece cell divider.

It gives you peace of mind because it’ll keep everything snug and protected. Additionally, this kit is affordable for anyone.

Book Box

Do you have bookshelves full of books, movies, CDs, or knick-knacks? You’re probably aware that super heavy items like books need to be put into small boxes or suitcases. What’s the correct size for a small box? Besides, suitcases could be used for other things, such as an overnight bag.

This is where the U-Haul book box comes into play. The book box was designed to move or ship a variety of small, heavy items. It’s easy to pack, store, and move. The box is easy to lift and carry as well. The best part is the box’s durability, so you won’t have to worry about the bottom of the box breaking open and dumping your contents all over the ground.

A couple starts to unpack their U-Haul book boxes. While the book box is excellent for carrying books, you also can place small, but heavy items into the book boxes for full protection.

Dish Barrel Box + Cell Kit

A woman carefully places part of her cell kit inside her dish barrel box. These two U-Haul products pair well together for easy packing and safe moving.

For this one, we technically cheated because you need to purchase two products. Each product is under $8, so it’s worth it. The dish barrel box is great for packing fragile items such as glassware, dishes, ornaments, dinnerware, antiques, and plenty more.

The box has a sturdy wall to make sure the inside of your contents is protected. It has built-in handles and can hold plenty while storing, moving, or shipping.

The cell kit can give your dishes or glasses even more protection. The kit provides cell dividers that fit perfectly into the dish barrel box. You can keep your belongings in a nice, protected compartment. You also can adjust the carboard cell dividers for when packing larger items for your cell kit in the dish barrel box.

Cost Analysis for Moving Boxes

Everyone’s budget will be different for what people need to spend money on for moving boxes. The size of your home, how many belongings you own, and other factors can help determine what you need to spend.

Whether you buy boxes in person or ship them to your home, keep in mind about potential shipping fee costs and taxes.

U-Haul Gives Options for Boxes

U-Haul will buy back any boxes you don’t use. U-Haul offers a 100 percent buy-back of any unused U-Haul box with a receipt. This means, you don’t need to worry about buying too many U-Haul moving boxes. You can buy as many as you want, which will require fewer back and forth trips for you. Once you’re done packing, you can return the unused boxes.

U-Haul has the option to buy moving boxes in bulk as well.

U-Haul has a Take A Box, Leave A Box program. This program encourages customers to drop off no-longer needed used boxes for customers, which allows customers to pick up free used boxes for their move. This is great for the environment as it reduces a gently used box from needing to be recycled too soon.

U-Haul has the best moving boxes that might fit in with your budget. You can explore these other box options yourself. You can save money from your moving budget for moving boxes when you consider all your options with U-Haul.

Moving Help Top 5 Moving Boxes Chart

Below is an easy-to-read chart of the five boxes we chose along with the prices for each box.

U-Haul Moving Box TypeCost
Large TV moving box$29.95
Large Wardrobe moving box$20.95
Dish saver packing kit with moving box$14.95
Book box$1.99
Dish barrel box + cell kit$7.95 + $7.95 = $15.90

Packing Tips and Recommendations for U-Haul Moving Boxes

A woman puts on her second foam protection piece onto her TV. The foam protection pieces offer more safety to your TV when moving.

It’s not only important to pack your belongings properly, but it’s also important to load and unload your items just as carefully.

It’s not going to be helpful if you pack some lighter items carefully, but then you load them on the bottom and put a heavy box on top of it, which will crush your contents.

You can find packing and moving labor help who will know how to do both at the same time. Maybe you just need packing help?

Well, the Moving Help® Marketplace has Service Providers who offer packing services.

Don’t know where to get started? Check out our “How to Start Packing” article and our “When to Start Packing for a move” article.

You can read these other articles below for more packing tips and recommendations, especially when you use U-Haul boxes:

Find Excellent Boxes and Stay on Budget With U-Haul

U-Haul makes the best moving boxes that are strong in quality but still affordable for the customer. If you have the money to spend a little bit more money on specific moving boxes besides the basics, it can be well worth it.

Our Top 5 must-have moving boxes include a TV moving box, a wardrobe moving box, a dish saver packing kit with moving box, a book box, and the dish barrel box plus the cell kit, which can provide easy solutions to some potential problems you may face when packing.

U-Haul designed and built boxes that are actually meant for moving, storing, and shipping. U-Haul also keeps costs low, so you can afford what you need to move.

Find all your U-Haul moving boxes needs and other moving needs at U-Haul, and if you have any moving labor needs, visit Moving Help for assistance.