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How to Pack Dishes for Moving 

Posted: August 16, 2023
A U-Haul dish packing kit is displayed alongside other packing materials.

The kitchen is typically the last room customers pack in their old home, and it’s the first room they unpack in their new home since it holds plenty of items they use daily. That’s why when you’re opening a kitchen box, and you find a broken dish it can put a damper on the rest of your unpacking. 

You don’t have to end up in this situation again. With our Moving Help® advice, you’ll be able to set yourself up for success when you learn how to properly pack dishes for moving. 

What Supplies Do I Need to Pack My Dishes?

Is There Anything I Should Do Before I Begin Packing?

Yes, the key to successfully packing is starting off with a sturdy box. You’ll want to tape the bottom of the box securely along the flaps with two or three strips of tape. You also can tape one strip horizontally on the bottom of the box and then tape around the edges on the bottom of the box with the other strips.  

Next, you’ll want to use your packing paper by crushing it up and putting it at the bottom of the box. You also can use towels or dish clothes to create a cushioned base.

How Do I Pack Plates?

You’ll pack plates by putting each plate into the center of a sheet (or stack of sheets) of packing paper. You’ll fold one corner over the dishes and keep repeating until it’s wrapped. 

Now, you can wrap one dish at a time or four dishes at a time. If you wrap four dishes at a time, you’ll want at least two or three sheets of packing paper between each layer of plates.  

After you’re done wrapping the paper, you’ll tape it securely. Then you’ll stack the plates vertically in the box. Stacking plates vertically is important because plates are much more likely to break when placed flat into a box. 

How Do I Pack Bowls?

You can follow the same steps as plates to pack a bowl. You need to make sure the inside of the bowl is wrapped. The main difference is if you want to pack bowls together vs. Individually, you’ll want to only wrap two or three bowls together at one time. 

How Do I Pack Glasses?

All glasses should be packed individually. You should never pack two or more glasses together at the same time. You’ll also want to make sure some packing paper is wrapped on the inside and outside of the glass. 

How Do I Pack Pots and Pans?

You can pack pots together if they’re similar in size. Start by wrapping the largest pot, then wrap the smaller pot and put it into the larger pot and then repeat so forth. You also should wrap any lids individually, but you can flip the pot’s lid upside down on the pot or pan and then tape them together.

How Do I Pack Silverware?

You can wrap silverware in packing paper. One of the best ways to pack silverware and to save space is to pack silverware into your food containers. They won’t get damaged, they’ll be safely secured, and you’ll save space. 

How Do I Pack Knives?

You can pack similar sized knives together by taping the edges and then wrap it in packing paper. Otherwise, pack the knife individually. Another tip is to put a rubber band around the handle, so you know where to carefully grab it.

If possible, your knives should be placed into a large storage container. If they have to be placed by themselves in a box, place the knives with the sharp edge facing down. This way when you reach to grab them, you won’t end up accidentally hurting yourself. 

How to Use Excess Space in Cell Dividers?

If you decide to use cell dividers for your cups, but you end up packing all your cups and still have a couple of spots left in your cell dividers you can pack other fragile items, such as ornaments, that’ll fit into the cell divider’s space. 

How Should I Pack My Box?

You should always pack your box with your heaviest kitchen items going toward the bottom of the box and your lightest items going toward the top of the box. If you pack it from the lightest items to the heaviest items, you’ll risk breaking your lighter items. 

My Box Is Packed Securely With My Dishes, What’s Next?

You’ll tape the top of the box securely, so the flaps don’t open. You’ll write on the side of the box and on the top of the box what items are inside and be sure to note that it’s a fragile box. Make sure you have an arrow pointing up on the side of the box, so someone knows how to carry it.

Have Moving Help Move Other Belongings for You

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Can Moving Help Pack My Dishes?

Moving Help has many Service Providers who offer packing in addition to loading and unloading services. If you’d rather have a professional handle packing your fragile items, you can find a Service Provider on the Moving Help Marketplace.  

If the same Service Provider you picked also offers packing, you can add that service onto your reservation along with your selected loading and unloading services. They can pack your fragile items and load them onto a truck, trailer, or U-Box® container and unload them at your destination all in one trip.