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Cheapest Way to Do a Long-Distance Move

Posted: August 16, 2023
Two Service Providers load a piece of furniture onto moving truck.

The cheapest way to do a long-distance move is by combining the affordability of U-Haul with the convenience of Moving Help®.

Moving isn’t stress free when it comes to your budget, but it’s especially stressful when it comes to a long-distance move. Sometimes people have to make long-distance moves for jobs, families, and relationships. Just because you’re making a long-distance move doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.

Customers can find the cheapest way by putting together a budget and then figuring out where they can save on their move. You also can read some money-saving tips for moving out of your state.

Where Do I Start?

You start by creating a moving budget and a schedule first. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend on moving, then you can figure out your schedule. Your budget will determine whether to get a U-Haul trailer, U-Haul truck rental, or U-Box storage containers.

This also will be a great time to declutter your home. You can go through the items in your house and figure out what you don’t use or need, what you can donate, give to friends, or throw away. The fewer items you have to move then the easier the long-distance move will be for you. 

Can I Afford Professional Help? 

Yes, you can afford professional help with your long-distance move even if you’re trying to make it as cheap as possible. The Moving Help Marketplace has plenty of affordable long-distance moving labor providers.

You can find the right Service Provider for the right price that fits your budget. Cheap doesn’t mean low-quality, and customers can find plenty of high-quality Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace that’ll be in their price range. 

You can have a hands-off experience when you combine U-Haul and Moving Help while comparing against Two Men and a Truck.

What Should I Hire a Service Provider to Do? 

The most common service customers hire a Moving Help Service Provider is for load/unload, and 80 percent of Moving Help orders are for 2-helper load/unload. People love to save time and are willing to spend more of their budget on load/unload help vs. other parts of the long-distance move. 

Two common reasons for this service being used are it’s time consuming for customers to do on their own, and it’s hard to rely on friends and family members to help them out. The Moving Help Marketplace has plenty of affordable long-distance Moving Helpers who are reliable.

Can I Have a Provider Perform Other Services for My Move?

You can absolutely have a Moving Help Service Provider perform other services for your long-distance move. Because you’re trying to have a cheap long-distance move, you’ll need to figure out what other services are worth it for you to pay for them. 

If you’d rather have a Moving Help Service Provider pack your boxes instead of loading your boxes, you can have them do that. If you’d rather have a Service Provider clean your apartment or home instead of loading your boxes, the Service Provider can certainly do that instead. 

You’ll just need to figure out what services are important to you, what Moving Help Service Providers offer those services, and which Service Providers fit your budget. 

Does It Matter What Time of Year I Move?

Every situation is different in different areas, but if you can avoid moving during the summer months, you might find better options. 

The nice part about the Moving Help Marketplace is you can find long-distance providers for an affordable price year-round.

The Moving Help Marketplace has Service Providers who help people move as a full-time job, some Service Providers help people move as a part-time job, and some Service Providers help people move as a seasonal job. 

No matter what time of year it is, you’ll always find a variety of prices and services from Service Providers that’ll fit your long-distance move budget. 

Moving Help Can Perform Any Long-Distance Move

Whether you’re moving out for the first time or the 20th time, Moving Help can perform any long-distance move. Customers can find Moving Help Service Providers perform services at the beginning or end of their relocation journey.

You don’t need to sacrifice quality for affordability with Moving Help as we have more than 2.5 million real, unedited reviews.