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10 DIY and Home Decor TikTokers to Inspire You

Posted: April 9, 2024
A woman paints a short, round end table blue. Moving Help has compiled 10 DIY and home decor TikTokers to help get you inspired.

Where we previously discussed bloggers that you could follow to inspire your home renovation, new decor, or DIY projects, we only briefly touched on the DIY and home decor influencers on social media. TikTok is one such site where DIYers and interior decorators are thriving.

One of the many reasons why they’re so abundant is how often TikTokers discuss their own personal aesthetics: cottagecore, dark academia, pastel goth, and more. With this in mind, we tried to offer a wide array of DIY and home decor accounts that may spark a bit of inspiration for when you want to renovate your current home or are moving to someplace new.

These 10 DIY and decor TikTok accounts will be sure to give you some ideas for when that blank white wall just needs a little something to make it feel more exciting.


@everythingeryn is a decor and DIY influencer who mainly focuses on renter-friendly DIYs and home upgrades that work at any budget. She describes her personal style as “modern luxe,” but most of her DIYs can fit any aesthetic with some slight modifications.

If you want a good place to start with small, incremental projects to upgrade your home at an affordable price, we recommend checking out her content. Given that much of her content is renter-friendly, it also means you don’t need to commit to whatever project you start with first.


A new season means another reason to redecorate! Fall is all about slowing down and spending time with family, so I worked with @Walmart to create a fall-inspired guest room that would be perfect for holiday visitors. Check out to get the best and affordable decorations this season! #walmartpartner #falldecorating #guestroommakeover

♬ original sound – Everything Eryn


@theflippedpiece is a DIY and decor TikTok account that has a variety of content, from full DIY projects to flipping vintage furniture, and even some space renovation. Sometimes DIYing furniture can be scary without someone to be your guide, and this account is a good first step for its assortment.

Whether you’re just wanting to DIY a few small pieces, are interested in repurposing old furniture, or you’re just interested in some style inspiration, you can find it all.


ad The EASIEST way to transform any space! 🤯 Adding a wall mural is the best way to give any plain space some character! & that’s exactly what I did with a Peel & Stick Mural from @Rebel Walls . I ordered the “Cloudi Dust” mural and I put this entire thing up in less than 30 minutes! It has completely changed my under the stairs bar space and I can’t wait to entertain in it now! 😍 . . . #rebelwalls #wallmural #interiordesign #homedecor #murals #homedesign

♬ Stayin’ Alive (From “Bullet Train”) – Geek Music


@brandontgentry fits in the opposite end of the DIY spectrum of @everythingeryn. Many of his projects are not renter-friendly and are extremely involved. Whenever we watch his videos, we suddenly feel that we could build anything on our own. Brandon’s design style is metal-themed, which may not be to your taste, but these projects can be modified to fit your aesthetic.

From outdoor pergolas to entire floor-to-ceiling shelves, you can find all sorts of project ideas to decorate your new home. We may be delusional thinking we could handle these projects on our own, but maybe you’re up to the task.


We built a DIY pergola that transformed our patio into the new favorite hangout spot. The @toja.grid bracket system made this DIY patio project easier than we thought. #diyhomeprojects #homeproject #diyprojects #diyhomedecor #diyhomeimprovement #landscaping #backyarddesign #patio #pergola #learnontiktok #patiogoals #patiomakeover #outdoorspace #outdoorstyle #tojagrid

♬ original sound – Brandon Gentry

Cedar Hill Builder

@cedar_hill_builder is someone who loves her craft and sharing her work with the world. She shows her big DIY projects that entirely renovate rooms in her home, while also mixing in projects anyone can do at home.

Many of her projects may require some level of woodworking expertise, so don’t expect to be at her level right off-the-bat. If you’re interested in some serious DIY work, why not give her a follow?


Replying to @amandachambless0 ⬇️Details Below⬇️ Easy DIY Plant Shelves using 1×2’s! You’ll need 1×2’s cut down to the lengths you want. I laid mine all out ahead of time so I knew my design After sanding them all down, I added in a gel stain. These were all different colors of wood, so a gel stain gave me a more consistent color across them all You’ll attach them to the wall using a nail gun. At first I nailed them into place, and then went back to make sure they were all secured into at least one stud! If you are adding shelves, you want to be sure they are nice and secure. I spaced all my boards ¾” apart to not only give me even spacing, but just enough room for my shelves to securely slide into the slats I filled in the nail holes with stainable filler ( this stuff is amazing, Ill have to share a video on it!) Finally I added in my newest plant cuttings! This has become a perfect spot in our bathroom to see my new plants grow. Anything I missed? . . . #accentwallideas #accentwall #easydiy #homeproject #diyhome #homeimprovement #ladieswhodiy #fyp

♬ original sound – Cedar_Hill_Builder


@summertstyles figured out that sweet spot between modern and cozy. Her videos are light on the DIY, but who could ignore how polished her house looks? What we love about her videos is that she tells you where you can find the furniture pieces she uses to get her house looking the way it does.

Summer lives in a dream home, so it may take time and saving up to get to that level of luxury, but we all can have goals.

Our only concern is how many fires she has burning at any given time. Make sure not to leave any of those burning overnight.


5 Neutral Rugs in my home I love! 🤎 Bio has links for RUGS. FOLLOW ME ON INSTA FOR Dir3ct L1nks. #homedecorstyling #neutralhomedecor #neutralrugs #neutralrug #amazonrugs #amazonhomedecor

♬ Originalton – F🦋


@oliveandhoneyinteriors is a good account to follow for some simple DIY projects that can classy up some thrift shop finds. She also offers many helpful tips if this is your first time decorating a home from scratch, such as shopping for neutrals that can change with your desired aesthetic, hanging curtains high to give you the illusion of a higher ceiling, and ways to make fake plants look real.

We love the understated, but still welcoming mood of her home. If this is your taste, she may be a good inspiration for your new home.


Happy Saturday friends! Let’s refresh my coffee table 🤍 I bought these faux stems from @Hobby Lobby! I took off the green leafs for a more realistic look! Let me know what you think! #interiordesign #designtips #homedecorideas #homeinspo #coffeetable #coffeetabledecor #coffeetablestyling

♬ Come and Get Your Love – Redbone


@goldenhourabode just goes to show that one man’s antique store merchandise is another man’s treasure. This account has a specific taste, but you can’t argue with the results. The house combines natural light, warm tones, and just the right number of knick-knacks so it never feels cluttered.

If the following items interest you at all, consider following them: A monstera plant the size of a hippo, light catchers on the window that reflect rainbows on the walls, and patterns that shouldn’t work together but do.


we took a stroll through our favorite antique store last weekend and found some real gems! i think the teapot might be my fav, what about you guys?? 🦋 #antiquestorefinds #vintagedecor #interiorstyling #homedecorinspo #vintagefinds

♬ som original – Vênus

Kate Rose Morgan

@kate_rose_morgan lives in her own Strawberry Shortcakesque world and can’t be bothered. We mean that in every positive way imaginable. She shows the importance of choosing pieces with intent, so they all fit together as part of a whole.

She doesn’t explain step-by-step what she does when she redesigns her home, but she rarely does anything that requires heavy use of tools. All-in-all, you can grab plenty of inspiration from her use of statement pieces, wallpaper, and color choices.


@parisontheprairie is making the most out of living in a house built in the 1920s by fully embracing the century-old aesthetics that make it unique. While she jokes about how many rooms they’ve painted green within the house, it clearly suits the look they’ve achieved.

This account proves that old doesn’t mean out-of-fashion, as anything timeless can work for the modern age. If this is your ideal look, I would look at @parisontheprarie as your source of inspiration for your new home or apartment.


@hannesmauritzson is a Swedish TikToker with a beautiful apartment and dreamlike summer cottage. Both small spaces show the large amount of personality one can fit in a limited amount of room. Hannes’ content doesn’t cover a ton of DIY, but we think their interior design is a breath of fresh air and inspiration.

The early videos show the apartment and cottage before the full renovations. Hopefully, this will get your imagination rolling when you see the interior of your new place. If you love spring colors to warm you up during the cold Swedish winter, this might be your go-to inspiration for your next home or apartment.

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