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15 Essential Packing Tips for Moving in 2024

Posted: April 23, 2024
Two Service Providers help a customer pack her plates and glasses into U-Haul moving boxes in the kitchen. The customer puts towels into one of her boxes. Packing tips for moving include keeping your plates standing and never packing them flat.

Editor’s Note: Moving Help® is not suggesting or recommending you specifically hire a Service Provider who gave packing advice for this article. Customers are responsible for looking, reviewing, and selecting their own providers. 

Before moving day even arrives, one of the most essential steps for a successful move is packing. That’s why Moving Help wants to give you packing tips for moving. Who is better to offer packing advice than our labor-only Service Providers who will assist you on moving day? They’ll provide you with 15 essential packing tips for moving in 2024.

Plus, we’ll give additional general packing tips for you.

The Moving Help Marketplace has moving labor who can help with packing or unpacking services. Additionally, our labor-only providers offer other moving labor services.

15 Packing Tips for Moving From Moving Help Providers

Moving Help wants to help customers out with all their moving labor needs. That’s why we called on the experts — our labor-only Service Providers — for assistance. We asked our Moving Helpers their Top 3 packing tips for moving. From there, we selected five providers to round out 15 packing tips for you.

Editor’s Note: Answers were copy edited for clarity, brevity, style, and conciseness.

“Wake up early, have necessary equipment on hand, and put all pets away to avoid obstacles,” are Dog Tag Moving Service’s favorite three packing tips.

“Plan ahead by making a packing list to ensure you don’t forget any essential items, maximize space by rolling clothes instead of folding them, and protect valuables by using protective cases or sleeves for fragile items like electronics,” are Excel Moving’s favorite three packing tips.

“Have TVs in boxes because it makes for safe loading, be courteous to your Moving Helpers as well as them courteous to you, and to please communicate any changes before the move day,” are A & M’s favorite three packing tips.

“Make sure your items are wrapped and secured and fits in a box, wrap all glass and fragile materials in packing paper or foam, and to be mindful that all packing items aren’t fragile so try not to put fragile items with non-fragile items,” are Kingsmenmovers’ favorite three packing tips.

“Put your heavy stuff on the bottom and lighter stuff on top, you can never have enough packing paper — literally, you can double or triple it up, and don’t overstuff your boxes because otherwise the integrity of the box can become questionable,” are Improvin Movin’s favorite three packing tips.

Planning Tips for Packing and Moving

One of the first questions — if not the first question — people ask themselves, “Is when to start packing for a move?” That answer will be different for everyone. It mainly depends on two factors:

  1. How big is your home?
  1. How much stuff do you own?

We recommend to start packing six to eight weeks before your move-in day and no later than three weeks prior to move-in day. Want to learn more? Check out our “When to Start Packing for a Move” article.

To begin, you should follow these six steps:

  1. Declutter your items
  1. Pack from non-essential to essential items
  1. Prioritize valuable and essentials
  1. Label boxes clearly
  1. Packing fragile items carefully
  1. Use actual moving boxes
Two Service Providers put a TV moving box together to protect a TV for a customer’s move.

By following these steps, you’ll create a framework for a packing checklist. You may want to add specific checklist items to your situation, which is great for thinking ahead. Packing can take longer than most realize so give yourself plenty of time.

If you’re behind schedule, consider hiring packing help from Moving Help to simplify your move.

Essential Packing Supplies for Best Packing Tips for Moving

Of course, the best packing supplies pair quite well when it comes to packing tips for moving. Moving Help is powered by U-Haul, a well-known name in the moving industry who provides customers with the best packing supplies. Below is a list of supplies you might consider purchasing to make your packing life easier:

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it’ll certainly help you get started with any type of move.

With Moving Help Service Providers, you must provide your own packing supplies for them. Our Moving Helpers are labor-only helpers, so they aren’t required to bring any moving boxes, packing supplies, or moving equipment.

Tips for Packing and Moving for Different Items

Different items require different kinds of packing tips when it comes to moving. For example, your nice, expensive TV deserves the protection it needs when moving to your new home. Another example is your dishes. Your plates should be standing in a moving box and never lying flat. You should have plenty of packing paper and cushions for your dishes.

A customer tapes the top of a grand wardrobe moving box. Packing tips for moving includes tapping the top of a moving box securely. You also want to make sure the bottom of the box is taped securely more than one time.

Don’t know where to start for your TV or dishes? Check out our “How to Pack and Move a TV” and “How to Pack Dishes for Moving” articles.

When it comes to packing clothes, you have two options. You can either quickly pack your clothes without taking off your hangers into a large wardrobe moving box, or you can use your clothes as packing materials to protect your fragile items.

For your furniture, you’ll want to use furniture blankets. If you have tricky stairs or tight hallways, it’s better to play it safe than sorry. For electronics, you’ll want to keep them protected with bubble wrap or packing paper. You also should pack heavy electronics into easy-to-lift moving boxes, such as the U-Haul small electronics moving box.

Any fragile or valuable items should receive extra protection. You pack the item well once, and you should do it a second time because it never hurts to be extra safe.

Efficient Packing Tips for Moving

Three packing tips for moving that’ll help you are:

  1. Maximizing space in moving boxes: You want to make sure your moving boxes are full but not too heavy. A heavy box could break the contents out of the bottom of the box and not using enough packing material for a less than full moving box could allow the box to get crushed.
  1. Proper labeling and organization: You should label all the items in your box on the side. You also should label what room the box belongs to in your new home. If the box is fragile, write fragile and an arrow for which direction is the box’s top.
  1. Utilizing packing hacks for efficiency: You should pack your non-essential items first. You should try to pack room-by-room in your home. If in a super hurry, pack items that’ll fit together in the same box.

These three packing tips for moving will keep you focused and on track.

Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Packing in a hurry is never an ideal situation. Sometimes life happens and it is what it is. Five packing tips for moving in a hurry are:

  1. Staying organized: You must stay focused and organized on what you need to pack and how you’ll need to pack it.
  1. Downsize when you can: The less stuff you must move, the faster it’ll be for you to pack. Declutter your home and donate, sell, or throw away as many items as possible.
  1. Find dual purposes: Clothes, towels, and linens can be used to help you pack fragile items or to fill spaces in your moving boxes. Plastic containers, such as food containers, can hold smaller items as well.
A customer puts together a TV moving box for her TV. A U-Haul TV moving box keeps your TV safe and secure for moving day.
  1. Set up a packing station: When you have all your packing supplies in one spot, you can quickly and efficiently start packing stuff all in one spot. Bring your stuff to your packing station for a faster process.
  1. Prioritize organization: If you need to place multiple items from multiple rooms in the same moving box, you should write on the outside everything that’s inside the box, so you don’t forget where your items are located.

For more helpful content on a last-minute move, read our “How to Prepare for a Last-Minute Move” article.

Moving Day Packing Preparation

Because you’re such a responsible, prepared person, moving day will be a breeze for you. (Look at you go!) It’ll be a breeze because all your packing will be done either prior to moving day or before your moving labor team arrives at your home.

You’ll just want to double check everything is packed. You’ll make sure you have your essentials box with you and away from your other moving boxes. Finally, you’ll coordinate with your Moving Helpers on everything that needs to be loaded.

Post-Move Unpacking Process

After your Moving Help Service Provider unloads that final moving box into your new home, you can begin unpacking. Moving Help has you covered with an unpacking guide.

You’ll want to complete these four steps first:

  1. Put together your beds and put linens on them: After a long day, you’ll be glad you have a nice place to rest.
  1. Set up the basic toiletries in your bathroom: At some point, you’ll need to use the restroom and take a shower. We all know the annoying feeling when you don’t have toilet paper. Be smart and have it ready to go ahead of time.
  1. Grab and put away some plates, bowls, and silverware: Unless you specifically plan on using disposable items for your first few nights, you want to get those items out first in your kitchen.
  1. Put away perishables: If you brought perishables with you, you obviously need to put them away.

Double check that you got everything from your old home, your truck rental or storage container, or your car, and into your new home. Make sure you dispose of all packing supplies and materials properly. Keep in mind, U-Haul moving boxes can be reused multiple times without the box losing its integrity.

Use These Packing Tips for Moving for Your Move

Packing doesn’t need to be super difficult when you have the inside scoop from the pros. Moving Help has expert Service Providers who know a thing or two about packing because they’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to packing your home. Their 15 packing tips for moving should help get you started.

Plus, we’ve provided other packing tips prior to moving day, on moving day, and after moving day. Moving Help is here for you. If you need packing or unpacking services or other moving labor services, our Moving Helpers can provide amazing assistance.