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How Do I Find a Moving Helper?

Posted: August 14, 2023
Moving Helpers pose while prepping a customer's belongings.

Have you ever wanted an extra set of hands to help you load your belongings into a truck? Would you rather have someone else pack for you, but you load your items yourself? When you find a Moving Helper through Moving Help®, you can have it all when hiring moving labor. 

The Moving Help Marketplace connects you to moving labor companies. That means you can go to one place to find moving labor companies near you. Moving Help labor-only moving companies offer many services to fit your needs and your budget. 

Find a Moving Helper Near You

You can go to and type in your address of where you need help with your moving needs. Whether your move is down the street, across town, or across the country, the Moving Help Marketplace has moving labor everywhere.

The Moving Help Marketplace has labor-only moving companies located in all 50 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces.

You can search for moving labor companies available two months in advance, a week in advance, or you can find same-day moving labor

You can hire Moving Help moving labor companies to load or unload your U-Haul truck, hire them to unload or load a storage unit, hire them by the hour, hire them for apartment moves, or hire them for college dorm room moves

Moving Helper Services

The nice part about using the Moving Help Marketplace is moving labor companies can offer more than one service to assist your move. Our labor-only moving companies near you could potentially offer the following services: 

With U-Haul and Moving Help, you could have a DIY full-service move. You could prepare for a full-service move and figure out what you’d want to pack for a full-service move as well. Finally, this will allow you to compare U-Haul and Two Men and a Truck

Worried about insurance and wondering whether Moving Help has insurance? The quick answer is yes, Moving Help offers Safeload coverage

Read Real Customer Reviews on Moving Labor Companies

When you go to the Moving Help Marketplace, you can find more than 2.3 million unedited reviews. These unedited reviews are from real customers who chose this company’s moving labor services. You can find out how different moves for different customers went with labor-only moving companies. 

Fit Your Budget

The best part about the Moving Help Marketplace is you get to choose what services you want and what services you don’t want for your move. The Moving Help Marketplace offers up-front pricing and quotes. You won’t be surprised by the final number you pay. 

Maybe you want to pay for packing services but no loading services. Maybe you want to pay for cleaning and unloading services. With the Moving Help Marketplace, you can customize your next move however you want to fit your budget. 

Not only will you find and pay for services you want for your next move, but it also won’t break your budget either.  

Make Your Next Move Easier With the Moving Help Marketplace 

You can use the Moving Help Marketplace to find moving labor companies near you. The moving labor companies can offer multiple services to help you out with your next move. You also can be sure to find high-quality moving labor without breaking your budget. Moving Help is here to help you find labor-only moving companies to fit your needs and your budget.